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Best value memory for a AMD 2500XP Barton CPU???

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by Darth Joules, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. Darth Joules

    Darth Joules Guest

    I'm planning to upgrade my current PC to an AMD 2500XP Barton CPU with
    a Swiftech MCX462 HSF (with the Delta fan) on a Gigabyte 7VN400 Pro 2
    mobo. I'm looking to get either 516Mb or 1Gb of RAM (because I play
    PC games a lot and use Photoshop endlessly). I plan to overclock the
    CPU to about 2.2Ghz.

    What is the best memory for this setup? And I don't want to break the

    What's best 268Mb or 512Mb sticks?


    Darth Joules
    Darth Joules, Sep 24, 2003
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  2. Darth Joules

    Ben Pope Guest

    I'd steer clear of 268MB chips - they sound dodgy :)

    I personally went for 2 * 512MB Corsair XMS3200LL. Probably a bank breaker

    Twinmos/Winbond BH5 is a good performer for the price.

    If you use MASSIVE images in Photoshop (huge res with lots of layers etc)
    then you may use over 400Meg or so... 3000*2000*32bits ~23Megs, so you can
    see how big your images would need to be.

    Best way to tell is to check your peak commit charge in task manger ->
    performance and see if you ever use more than 512MB. (this is per session,
    so if you restart it's lost).

    Just reading emails with a few services loaded I've hit 236Meg, after a run
    of Aquamark03 its 378Meg.

    Ben Pope, Sep 24, 2003
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  3. Darth Joules

    Darth Joules Guest

    Sorry I ment 256Mb sticks, bit of typo there. : )P
    Does look good with it's low CAS latency....it looks like one is
    enough to break my budget. £105 for one stick is quite a bit.

    Darth Joules
    Darth Joules, Sep 24, 2003
  4. Darth Joules

    Morgan Guest

    Just reading emails with a few services loaded I've hit 236Meg, after a

    Good grief you must have a lot running in the background. As I am typing
    this there are 28 processes running and 128mb out of 512mb being used.
    Surely that can't be just with your news / mail client open...?
    Morgan, Sep 24, 2003
  5. Darth Joules

    Morgan Guest


    For quality memory, but a little expensive, then Corsair XMS (not LL as they
    are expensive) memory is very good and compatible across a whole range of
    boards. Their Value Select memory that they offer also competes well with
    Twinmos but memory timings aren't as fast.

    The only issue that I had, until I got rid of the Pro 2 Gigabyte board, was
    that it continually over volts on the Vcore and it can't be lowered. Mine
    always ran at 1.73v or higher with a 1.65v Core. This is quite common
    according to the people who posted within a forum to my questions on this
    board. Thus an issue of heat can be a problem if you want to keep the Vcore
    at std voltage.
    Multiplier adjustment within the bios would have been nice as well on that
    Morgan, Sep 24, 2003
  6. Darth Joules

    Alan Guest

    I suggest the best value is Mushkin Green - PC3200 with a lifetime
    It will run at 200 FSB and it is very stable ram at a fair price. I bought
    a single 512 stick for a client and it was around $138 Cdn.

    My machine is similar to yours, (Abit) with OCZ3500EL. Great memory with a
    lifetime guarantee. I tried this ram against the Mushkin and it did perform
    better, but not enough to warrant more than double the price.

    Hope this helps,

    Alan, Sep 24, 2003
  7. Darth Joules

    Bugman Guest

    I recently built a new system using a 2500+ Barton with a Asus A7N8X-Deluxe. I chose Buffalo Technologies PC3700 Winbond DDR modules. The system is currently running rock stable at 220 x 11 with cas2.5-3-3-8 timings. I'm sure I can tighten them up a bit. $103 a stick delivered from Newegg.
    Bugman, Sep 24, 2003
  8. Darth Joules

    Steve Vai Guest

    oh it can be... i have 26 processes currently and using 382 megs ram
    of 512, peaked at 561...usually peaks around 750 to 780. NEED more
    Steve Vai, Sep 24, 2003
  9. Darth Joules

    Ben Pope Guest

    Apache, Zone Alarm and Norton AV are 10meg each. OE works out at at least
    27Meg with OEQuoteFix.

    Currently running at 200Meg with just OE loaded as an application.

    Ben Pope, Sep 24, 2003
  10. Darth Joules

    dr_hardwrae Guest

    Try Cacheman...it should help free up memory on any OS:

    dr_hardwrae, Sep 24, 2003
  11. Darth Joules

    edddie Guest

    Yea well I run a 2500xp as a second system while my main unit is doin
    all my video shit your mobo is the spot on choice and to make that
    baby fly use 512 twinmos sticks (overclockers uk) and stick in 2 gig
    if possible.
    Photoshop loves ram as most late games do and to get top performace
    stick in as much ram as you can,stuff the expense sell you girlfriend
    if yoiu have to
    The kingston hyper X stuff is the best if you can afford it but for
    the cost cosious twinmos aint far behind.
    Eddie Rotor
    edddie, Sep 25, 2003
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