Best way to Image PC (snapshot)

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Kevin Fosler, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. Kevin Fosler

    Mark Jaster Guest

    Has anyone heard of or tried "Universal Imaging Utility"? I haven't
    tried it but I think it is supposed to eliminate the need to manually
    add drivers once the slave machine has been ghosted. Does anyone know
    if this work or how it works?
    Mark Jaster, Sep 10, 2004
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  2. Kevin Fosler

    Louise Guest

    If I understand these posts correctly, I can image my drive to DVDRs on
    an external Firewire DVD Burner (Plextor) using Ghost 2003? In other
    words, Ghost will both recognize the external firewire burner and it
    will span DVDs to create a full image?


    Louise, Sep 10, 2004
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  3. Kevin Fosler

    Ron Reaugh Guest

    Ron Reaugh, Sep 10, 2004
  4. Kevin Fosler

    Notan Guest

    And the worst support is from Acronis.

    Notan, Sep 10, 2004
  5. Kevin Fosler

    Ron Reaugh Guest

    Many do NOT confirm that.
    Ron Reaugh, Sep 10, 2004
  6. Kevin Fosler

    Notan Guest

    How 'bout you?

    Your statement says their product is "the best."

    Have you ever tried to contact Customer/Tech Support?

    I have, numerous times, and have *never* gotten a response.

    Notan, Sep 10, 2004
  7. Kevin Fosler

    Ron Reaugh Guest

    I have.
    Ron Reaugh, Sep 10, 2004
  8. Kevin Fosler

    Notan Guest

    Glad your experience was a good one.

    But, from my experience, and from what I've heard from others,
    I'll never purchase, or suggest, another Acronis product.


    By the way, your post would have alot more credibility if
    you prefaced your statement with "In my opinion,".
    Notan, Sep 10, 2004
  9. Kevin Fosler

    Paul Knudsen Guest

    I like and use Acronis Trueimage. Probably any of the popular apps
    would work for you.
    Paul Knudsen, Sep 11, 2004
  10. Kevin Fosler

    Paul Knudsen Guest

    Did you look at their web site? I found the upgrade there and
    downloaded it. Acronis is in Germany I believe, and could be short of
    English speakers.
    Paul Knudsen, Sep 11, 2004
  11. Kevin Fosler

    Notan Guest

    I purchased the previous version, 30 or 40 days before the latest
    version was released. My inquiry was to find out if I was eligible
    for a free upgrade.

    No answer.

    As far as the language barrier goes, if you're going to sell a
    program in a non-native language, you're obligated to provide
    support in that same non-native language.

    Notan, Sep 11, 2004
  12. Kevin Fosler

    Paul Knudsen Guest

    I ask again: Did you look at their web site? Why wait for email if
    you can simply download the upgrade?
    I don't disagree with you, and have in fact corresponded with Acronis
    without problems.
    Paul Knudsen, Sep 16, 2004
  13. Kevin Fosler

    Notan Guest

    I was looking to upgrade to v8.0, from v7.0.

    A few days ago, I finally got an answer from them:

    "With regards to your question, our upgrade policy is to provide free
    upgrades to (a) customers who purchased the software 30 days prior to the
    release of a new version, and/or (b) customers who have purchased software
    maintenance or a site license that includes software maintenance. We realize
    that the 30 day cut-off appears to be arbitrary, but it is keeping with the
    procedures of other established software companies. If we had a 90 day
    cut-off, somebody who purchased the product 91 days before hand who would
    ask us to upgrade or that s/he would not have bought the product had they
    known to wait just one more day. At some point we have to draw a line and
    move on to working on the next version."

    Notan, Sep 16, 2004
  14. Kevin Fosler

    OP66 Guest

    On Mon, 06 Sep 2004 15:48:08 -0500, Kevin Fosler

    I've never done an image but this thread is making me think I should.

    I have a 120GB drive.

    Can the image be backed up to cd-r's? How many would it usually take.

    Also when making an image can certain data folders (taking up much
    space) be eliminated from the image?

    OP66, Sep 18, 2004
  15. Kevin Fosler

    Tom Scales Guest

    120GB would require about 180 CDs if the drive is full.

    Usually an image is done as soon as the machine is built, prior to adding
    any data.

    Tom Scales, Sep 19, 2004
  16. Kevin Fosler

    Ron Reaugh Guest

    Or done as a regular backup like Acronis TrueImage to a compressed image
    file on the same sized or larger removable HD.
    Ron Reaugh, Sep 19, 2004
  17. Like OP66 I, too, got to thinking I should image my system, but I
    don't think I'll be wanting to burn 90 CDs (my 120GB c: drive is only
    about half full).

    My machine is an XPS gen2. The mobo is set up for 2 SATA drives and 4
    IDE devices. It came with a 120gb SATA c: drive, and I have added a
    120gb ATA-133 and an old 60gb ATA-? from my previous system.

    If I were to make an image of my SATA c: drive, would I need to
    purchase a second SATA drive for this? I assume I could create the
    image on my 120gb ATA drive, but I don't think I can make that be the
    c: drive--or can I?

    If I remove my current SATA (c:) drive, can I adjust the BIOS to
    recognize an ATA drive as c: ?

    --John "more confused than usual" Wells
    John W. Wells, Sep 19, 2004
  18. Kevin Fosler

    Ron Reaugh Guest

    It wouldn't have to be SATA unless that's the only mobo slot unused.
    External USB2 or Firewire is an alternative. I like big SATA drives in
    shock mounted removable trays like the KingWin KF-83 (~$30) for image
    Usually yes.

    The backup HD would be setup such that it would get a higher drive letter
    and you boot from the regular HD or a floppy/CD and do the image. I like
    Acronis TrueImage as it can make the image running from XP or W2K3 or W2K.
    Just run it anytime you want.
    Ron Reaugh, Sep 19, 2004
  19. Ghost will get you about 2:1 compression, so if the drive is full
    you'd need something on the order of 86 disks. Not really practical.
    Yes, but then it wouldn't be an image.

    I tend to back up drives to either another equivalent drive (mirror,
    for immediate replacement on failure), or to a large network volume
    (image file, for rebuilding at need).

    Note that a drive and it's mirror image should not be online at the
    same time, or Windows will get all confused. Reboot, make the image,
    power off, and remove the image drive. hard drive racks
    areinexpensive, and this also gives you the ability to have offsite
    William P.N. Smith, Sep 19, 2004
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