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Best way to OC my X2 3600

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by Strutter, May 26, 2007.

  1. Strutter

    Strutter Guest

    I just bought an AM2 X2 3600 (65w version @ 1.9ghz) and a Gigabyte M55SLI-S4
    rev.2 motherboard and 2 x 1Gb sticks of 667 DDR2.

    I'm looking at overclocking it to get that little bit extra out of it, as I
    had my old Sempron 3000 running at 2.1Ghz from the standard 1.6Ghz,
    by only raising the FSB, leaving all other settings to normal or auto on my
    M55Plus-S3G board.

    I can up the FSB from 200 to around 230ish, which runs good without changing
    other settings, but i'd really like to get the best OC that i can.
    So what i'm asking, is what settings should i use?
    For example, should I turn the multiplyer down and up the FSB or will I
    get similar results?
    And should I run the RAM at a slower setting, say 533? And should I up the
    voltages for the NB, SB & the RAM a little?

    Has anyone else had some really good results from a similar setup? As I'm
    assuming that it should be more than capable to run at 2.3Ghz, which would
    keep me happy!

    Thanks in advance for any help or insight offered.
    Strutter, May 26, 2007
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  2. Strutter

    Ed Light Guest

    Don't forget lowering the hypertransport ratio, and if there's a north and
    south bridge, the ratio of the hypertransport between them.

    For instance, at an fsb of 200 and ratio of 5, the ht is at 1000. So, if you
    raise the fsb to 250 you'd put the ratio at 4, hence the ht is still at

    Ed Light

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    Thanks, robots.
    Ed Light, May 26, 2007
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  3. Strutter

    Eric Parker Guest

    Lower the Hypertransport to 600 to remove it's effect.
    With the memory set to 667 wind up the FSB using Memtest until you get
    When you have found a point where you can safely get a couple of passes
    Memtest, you will know roughly your memories capabilities.
    Then with the memory set to 533 or even 400 (whatever is available and
    wind up FSB using 2 instances of Prime95 running torture tests.
    You should then find roughly your CPU capabilities.
    Then using adjust CPU multiplier, memory ratio (667/533 etc) and FSB to
    the best overall performance.
    It tends to be the highest CPU clock then set memory ratio to not exceed
    capabilities, but if it turns out you are wasting significant memory
    altering FSB and CPU multiplier may give you better overall performance.
    Set the Hypertransport to not exceed it's limit 800 or 1000.
    Then ensure the system is stable by running 2 instances of Prime95 for
    12 hours.

    Let us know what you get.

    Eric Parker, May 26, 2007
  4. Strutter

    Strutter Guest

    Lower the Hypertransport to 600 to remove it's effect.
    I've had a bit of a fiddle, and by upping the FSB alone, leaving memory at
    667, but upping the chipset voltages by .1volt, it's running smooth at
    2.26Ghz. But i'll play with the RAM and multiplyer tonight and see how much
    more I can get out of it. So far it has only raised the average temp of the
    CPU by about 2 degrees C.
    Strutter, May 29, 2007
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