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Beta 169.09 is better, though not there yet

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by John, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. John

    John Guest

    I just installed nVidia's 169.09 driver software.

    First, it seems to be stable.

    Next, it solves a major problem I had with two monitors: when I went back
    and forth between one and two monitors, it would change the resolution of my
    1680 x 1050 monitor to 1280 x 1024. So, every time I changed, I would have
    to go back and correct the resolution back to 1680 x 1050. I reported this
    as a bug a month or so ago. Now the problem has "improved"; it's still
    there, but intermittently and only rarely. In testing it while writing
    this, it failed: it required a resolution change again, both going from one
    monitor to two, then it failed again going from two monitors to one. I got
    out of the nVidia Control Panel and then started it up again and the problem
    was gone! The resolution remained how I set it, even during a change from
    one to two monitors and back. So, it's partially fixed, but it's not there

    I have another problem with two-monitors that might be nVidia's, and I'll
    tell you why after I describe the problem. While running Microsoft Flight
    Simulator X, after scenery, etc., loads, it should go to the scene of the
    airplane I've selected at the airport I've selected, or the start of a
    mission I've selected. When that scene displays, it cycles with about a
    second on the scene, black screen, white screen, then back to the scene and
    repeating the cycle. Now, this only happens when I'm using the second
    monitor setting. If I set it up for one monitor in the nVidia Control
    Panel, once the scene I've selected displays, it remains; it does not cycle.
    I found a way to workaround the problem and get the scene to remain during a
    two-monitor situation: I do Ctrl/Enter twice (fullscreen on and off). It
    goes to window, then to fullscreen and remains. (How'd I ever find that
    fix? I dunno.) Anyway, since it pertains to changing between one and two
    monitors, I think it's a nVidia problem. And it's still not fixed.
    John, Nov 17, 2007
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  2. John

    Mr.E Solved! Guest

    OS, Monitor models, Video Card model and BIOS, Dual Monitor Mode
    Settings, NView Settings, Driver versions, application profile settings?

    It's one thing to describe undesired operation qualitatively, another
    thing altogether to quantitatively provide the necessary details
    necessary to glean the fault. It also lets us know you have at least
    looked at the basics.

    Be aware that multi-monitor modes are still imperfect and you did the
    proper thing by prepping a bug report, but I do not think (based on the
    thin data provided) the problem(s) you describe are systemic Forceware

    Has your dual monitor set-up ever worked as desired? Meaning: do you
    have a known good fall-back point?
    Mr.E Solved!, Nov 17, 2007
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  3. John

    BTNewsGroups Guest

    The FSX problem was fixed quite a while ago, see here:


    BTNewsGroups, Nov 17, 2007
  4. John

    John Guest

    My FSX problem has been solved with the KB933590 hotfix. Somehow I missed
    it before. Actually, I posted this problem several times with not one
    response; apparently nobody had the problem and nobody knew of the fix.
    With this fix, FSX runs a lot better.

    As Mr. E Solved! said, it wasn't nVidia's fault after all. The only issue
    left with nVidia is the occasional resetting of the the primary monitor's
    resolution when changing the number of monitors.


    The KB article says the problem only happens when...

    "This problem occurs when you change the monitor configuration after you
    start Flight Simulator X. This problem also occurs when you do not set the
    monitor configuration to the default monitor configuration for Flight
    Simulator X when the game starts."

    This doesn't seem to apply to me. But the fix cured my problem, too.
    John, Nov 18, 2007
  5. John

    John Guest

    See my response to the post by BTNewsGroups. He suggested a KB with a
    hotfix and it worked. I have posted this problem for months and never got a
    response, so I'm glad it hit it right this time. FSX is dramatically
    better, actually in overall stability.

    And after installing it, I have not been able to get the resolution changing
    that happened just occasionally after installing Beta 169.09 before to
    happen again. I may have to try it some more, but so far I can't get it to
    fail, which means with 169.09, I think my video problems are finally
    resolved, resulting in a really fine system. Those of you who had a part in
    it at all levels have put together a nice system.

    John, Nov 18, 2007
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