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Better Online Community site worth trying

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Josh, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Josh

    Josh Guest

    There is a new online community that I think will help make posting
    easier and more organized. It is at www.sousay.com. The articles are
    user created and editable like a wiki, they also have discussions built
    into them. I also checked out the FAQ and they are going to be doing a
    coop program in the near future with it so by just using the site It
    will help pay for my laptop. Here is the info that I got off the site.

    Here is the pitch:
    SoUSay.com is creating a new website for people who live technology and
    giving them a place where they can share and discuss their experiences
    with products that matter to them. We are providing the opportunity to
    have meaningful interaction with smart interesting people who have
    similar interests and are willing to share just like the people here.

    We made the site for people like us who wanted more out of an online
    community. A place where it was easy to use and full of features that
    no other sites have, such as a RTF editor, article discussions,
    Identity Page, and wiki style editable articles.

    Check it out and start posting the way you have always wanted to.

    Josh, Apr 17, 2006
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