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BETTER than Tablets r ritePen SW + iPen. Tablets r NOT a better KIND of computer.

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Joseph di Piazza, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. The software on the Sager NP2885 (could be any non-tablet XP machine, from
    the largest screen down to the UPCs, like 5" FlipStart-to-be,
    www.flipstart.com, www.oqo.com) is the ritePen, from www.pen&internet.com.
    It is generally acknowledged even by TabletOS experts (G. W.) to be superior
    in HW
    recognition to T OS. The pen, iPen (www.zyonshop.com) , has 800+ dpi, which
    seems incredibly superior to pens for the Tablet, if I am not mistaken.
    And in light of the allied software that zyonshop sells allows for
    annotation on
    webpages (WebMemo, where you can save one's handwritten memo on a wpage)
    and anywhere on the windows apps ( I believe), for great diagrams
    (riteMail) -- most from p&i -- it would seem that what the Tablet offers
    in comparison.
    What SW on the Tablet, say, a daily planner, is unique to it? And cannot be
    found on an XP -- as long as one uses iPen, say to handwrite in short
    entries more quickly than reach for the keyboard? [Even TabletUML
    (www.tabletuml.com, or UMLTablet): well UML programs (software coding or
    modeling programs) were around 15 years ago -- trying to have programmers
    write diagrams ( objects + functions) and get code out without doing and
    language-coding (Good luck).]
    My hypothesis is this: all that the Tablet PC OS has added is high-res
    (greater dpi) ink to what was possible on a touch screen and stylus. Now
    that iPen gives that (even higher) and ritePen gives HW recog (even better),
    then XP is enough (with iPen or its equivalent + iPen, etc.). I could be
    wrong. Prove it. Sure, less jagged lines, hovering gets wider
    descriptions to appear ... all nice.
    The ONE almost unique contribution is gestures or strokes. Say, running the
    pen or stylus over a character or phrase to highlight it and underlining it
    from left to rt to delete it. These are faster than using keyboard
    equivalents. But then touchscreens and stylus had these too.
    Again, the gain with Tablets and electronic pens has been just a matter of
    degree. And the sooner MS makes electronic pen software a $100 add-on to XP
    in 2004, the sooner will computer makers add slots for $20 pens to 04

    PS. How does one do a search in the archives of any newsgroup for a topic or
    keyword -- going back years?
    Joseph di Piazza, Apr 22, 2004
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  2. Joseph di Piazza

    terri Guest

    A search on Google groups is often the best way to search.
    terri, Apr 22, 2004
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  3. Joseph di Piazza

    Chris H. Guest

    Do you have a Tablet PC? The digital sampling rate of Ink on Tablet PCs is
    more than three times what you're talking about, giving better handwriting
    recognition. Old newsgroup posts can be researched at www.google.com.
    Chris H., Apr 22, 2004
  4. PS: see www.sagernotebooks.com The NP2885 is about $1000+ & 14in.
    Lifetime, free support. Within 24 hrs, a call back.
    MS is trying to sell the Tablet OS as a separate OS AND separate machine. It
    has been a flop with the consumer. Bestbuy does not carry it in its stores,
    nor staples this year; only on net. Only some upper level manager types,
    buy it.

    Joseph di Piazza, Apr 22, 2004
  5. Chris,
    No, I want to find reason to pay much more than an ordinary XP. I have
    tested a Tablet on & off for up to 2 weeks.
    What is the dpi of Tablet ink? Is it not under 150 or 100?
    And, I am no expert, what is "digital sampling rate of Ink"?
    Still, comment on iPen & ritePen sw? & riteWeb? & diagraming in riteMail?
    What are the apps unique to Tablets? None, I believe.
    Why are not Tablets just different by degree only? Their apps are NOT
    I'm looking for more facts.
    Thanks, Joe
    Joseph di Piazza, Apr 22, 2004
  6. Joseph di Piazza

    terri Guest

    You're wrong in that Best Buy doesn't carry Tablet PCs, Joseph. Yours may
    not, but the one here definitely does. In fact, there's a promotion
    underway that includes Best Buys. And despite your musings, it isn't a flop
    with consumers.


    Consumers were not a targeted market at release. Students and many others
    are finding how well Tablet PCs and their related programs work for
    different environments. I wouldn't be surprised to see more and more
    notebooks including the Tablet PC OS just as Acer has done with one of its
    notebooks. I'd expect to see a lot more Tablet PCs sold to consumers as well
    as corporate over the next few years.

    RitePen is a great program. It will work on Tablet PCs just fine. However,
    inherent handwriting recognition in Tablet PCs is greatly improved with
    Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005.

    I'm not going to get into an argument about machines other than those
    supported in this newsgroup. There are other tablets out there and I'm sure
    they all have uses. No one here is saying that they don't..

    If something works for you, then you probably have the right machine for
    you. It might not be what everyone else wants, though.
    terri, Apr 22, 2004
  7. Joseph di Piazza

    Chris H. Guest

    First, smaller and as efficient is always more expensive. That's a given,
    especially in the beginning. The digitizer resolution is required to be
    five times greater than an LCD pixel density, not less than 600 points per
    inch. Sampling rates are a minimum of 100 times per second when the stylus
    is within contact with the display surface, and most Tablet PCs sample at
    133 or higher per second - and second- and third-generation machines are
    even higher.

    Details for the hardware requirements, such as resume from Standby (S3 to
    S0) in five seconds or less, are here:
    http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/tabletpc/Developer/hdwreq.asp They're
    much more than "just a little computer," Joe. The URL above also has an
    email address to which you could write for additional answers to your
    Chris H., Apr 22, 2004
  8. Joseph di Piazza

    binarg Guest

    Joseph, don't buy into marketing hype if you don't have a need to..

    Only reason why Tablet PCs are "popular" is Microsoft's 50 billions in

    All concepts are already seen from before, it is just that MS is trying
    to bring it all under his umbrella; next thing you know, MS "invented"
    tablets etc.

    I was always wondering why Xerox was never reacted, given all this fuss
    about trade marks etc.

    Only real difference might be that Tablet PC has active digitizer
    embedded beneath the screen and others are still having passive ones.

    If you are not in the hurry, give it more time and when they fell to
    1000$ then it'll b time to really buy into it...

    my 2 cents...


    binarg, Apr 27, 2004
  9. Joseph di Piazza

    binarg Guest

    Oh, by the way, Sager model is variant of generic Taywaneese model which
    are sold almost identical by Sager, Eurocom etc.

    binarg, Apr 27, 2004
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