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BFG Tech GeForce 6600 OC AGP

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Tirna, May 22, 2006.

  1. Tirna

    Tirna Guest

    Someone suggested that I try posting this over here in hopes of a more
    knowledgable response:

    Well, I just got myself a shiny new BFG Tech card. I've tried both the
    GeForce 6600 OC AGP and the GeForce 5500 OC AGP and both cards have had

    the same problem. Basically my computer fails to render 90% of all
    textures that rely on Direct X 9. I either got white shapes or blobs of

    flattened texture on the surfaces that actually rendered /something/.
    I've talked with tech support and they recommended that I download the
    full install of Direct X 9 and try reinstalling it. I did, but the
    problem persists.

    And yes, I've run the Direct Draw and Direct 3D diagnostics. Those are
    all clean, which is even more baffling. I just can't seem to play
    things like Serene Screen's Marine Aquarium or the original Black and
    White because I simply cannot see the textures. You try playing Black
    and White without being able to see any trees sometime. :p

    I'm running a Dell computer with a Optiplex GX240 motherboard with the
    Intel 845 chipset and a Pentium 4 1.70 ghz processor. I have 512 MB of
    RAM and I'm running Windows 98SE. I'm pretty sure I've got
    all the latest updates as well, including for my chipset, my drivers --

    with the exception of the Nividia driver, which I'm using the last
    stable driver, 77.72 -- and all the security updates. I'm absolutely
    stumped and I really don't want to have to try a reformat and install
    again because I don't feel that will fix the problem and I really don't

    want to take the card back because it's the only line I know that
    supports Windows 98 still.

    Have anyone else encountered this problem before? I'm at a total loss
    and I think I've stumped tech support too. o_O
    Tirna, May 22, 2006
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