BH6 - P-Leap - Cel 1.2G - Memory question

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Lee, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. Lee

    Lee Guest

    Got the PowerLeap adapter today and put a 1.2 G Cel in it.

    Running 100 mhz FSB with three sticks : 2 of 64mb pc100, and 128mb
    of pc133 .

    Compared to the Cel 300A (oc'ed to 450 ) the system (Win2K) seems very
    fast - twice as fast even, with photoshop and other large apps. I am
    very hapy indeed.

    Aida32 however, shows a Memory read/write 535 and 170 mb/s. Less than
    a PIII 600 mhz ? Is this a decent speed for this board ?

    Would setting CAS to 2 help ? I would have to swap out the 2 pc100
    sticks, I believe, for another pc133 to do that ?

    Not really interested in pushing the FSB up - will probably have more
    to gain by moving this installation to my *new* BE6II so my ata-66
    drives could work to full speed. So will probably get 256mb pc133

    Which is my last question - I am sure I could plop my drives in the
    IDE ports of the BE6II and get Win2K up and running (I know - lots of
    complications there) but what would be the point in moving without
    having the OS on a faster drive ? Would seem very unlikely to use the
    Highpoint ports and still get Win2K to launch.

    Anyone ever do that successfully or should I just plan on
    reinstalling/rebuilding this OS ?


    Lee, Mar 2, 2004
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  2. Lee

    joe~V~3838 Guest

    Hey Lee, you can try setting the memory timings to
    2-2-2 and see if that speeds up anything.....
    I have 2 sticks of 128megs ram pc 100 and 1 stick of
    256meg pc 133 , no problems with stability at 2-2-2 timings

    joe~V~3838, Mar 2, 2004
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  3. Lee

    Spajky® Guest

    Ok, but expensive regarding that you could do much cheaper with Slot-T
    (looks that you do not plan to OC & you were not so well informed
    about alternatives, see my site-but I run my Tuallie OC-ed ...)
    memory (theorethical max speed) is closely connected to FSB speed;
    bench should be OK for sdram @ 100Fsb
    if the Ram can handle that, sure (approx 10% max more!)
    no need if those 2 sticks can handle Cas2
    IMHO you will not gain much practically
    with that, but that board is newer & even better than BH6, but more
    ram will surelly make a difference!
    IMHO not much of a complication, since the BX chipset is the same!
    later you can additionally install Highpoint drivers into W2k & copy
    the sistem to faster drive on a Highpoint controller & enable booting
    the sistem from it in Bios ... should work, but personally never
    tried by myself....
    .... someone who actually tried already that, will probably gave you a
    proper info better than me ...

    -- Regards, SPAJKY ®
    & visit my site @
    "Tualatin OC-ed / BX-Slot1 / inaudible setup!"
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    Spajky®, Mar 4, 2004
  4. Lee

    TF Guest

    New PC-133 RAM might not work 100%.

    TF, Mar 4, 2004
  5. Lee

    Lee Guest

    The PLeap came with a nice copper sink/fan which I didn't have handy.

    No need to OC. Plus this board won't boot properly after going into
    bios - just hangs after the F10 and have to power off/on couple of
    times to get a post "beep" - often have to go back in to reset the CPU
    several times - arggh !
    Thanks for info.
    I think they'd do cas 2 and 66mhz - not 100.

    In the bios menu there are three CAS settings (currently value=3) Set
    them all to value= 2 ?

    That is quite the dsetup you got there.

    Thanks for for help.

    Lee, Mar 4, 2004
  6. Lee

    Spajky® Guest

    check the caps, interchange ram sticks between slots, try only 2
    sticks etc ..
    I stongly recommend before any tweaking making a whole sistem back up
    (ghosting a sistem partition!)
    there is alot of stuff coming on the site more, but got a bit lazy
    lately ... thanks ...

    -- Regards, SPAJKY ®
    & visit my site @
    "Tualatin OC-ed / BX-Slot1 / inaudible setup!"
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    Spajky®, Mar 5, 2004
  7. Lee

    Lee Guest

    Caps look good , etc. Odd - once I do get it to boot correctly the
    shutdown/restart cycles perfectly. It is not the cmos bat - any
    settings changed other than CPU soft menu are retained - ahh never
    mind - I'm getting a new HDrive/Ram and moving components over to the
    BE6 soon.
    I do a partition image (PQ's Drive Image7) every other day to a
    different Hdrive and burn to cdrom 1/month ! Learned my lesson the
    hard way :)

    Lee, Mar 5, 2004
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