BH6 with a 3COM officeconnect wireless network card anyone?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Peter Huebner, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. I've just put a 3com wireless network card into my wife's computer. BH6
    Good InWin psu, plenty of power.

    The machine does not even post when I turn it on. No video display ...
    fortunately no sparks or smoke either.

    When I pull the card (3crdag675-ap) the machine boots just fine.

    My question here is: is the card pooped (it's fresh out of the
    shrinkwrap) or is this mobo simply not able to support the device?

    Does anybody have this, or a very smiliar, setup working with a BH6?

    cheers, and tia -Peter
    Peter Huebner, Oct 28, 2005
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  2. Peter Huebner

    pcpilot Guest

    Hi Peter,

    Just come across your post.....It may help to look back on some of the
    threads in the forum for Network Adapter Problems searching BH6. I
    posted a similar BH6 query in respect of a Linksys Wireless G network
    adapter card around last Mar/April.

    To cut a long story short as I recall my BH6 - overspecked but not
    overclocked on a Pentium III 1.4 Ghz Tualatin Celeron(utilising a
    Powerleap Adapter with Coolermaster CPU Fan) on an Abit BH6
    Motherboard with 768MB PC133 SDRAM (with XP Home), Enermax 450W PSU)
    - booted but would not recognise the Linksys PCI card.

    I had installed a Linksys Wireless G PCI Adapter with SpeedBooster
    (Model No: WMP54GS-UK) in order to establish a wireless link to a
    Canon Pixma iP4000R wireless printer. The driver showed the dreaded
    yellow eclamation mark (code 10 device can not start) in device
    manager - XP Home.

    At the time I suspected that this might be due to an IRQ conflict but
    eventually figured that the early form of PCI support on the BH6
    (2.0?)was incompatable with the later 2.2/2.3? (I think) standard
    used by this card. I had assumed that they were backwards compatible
    but this may not be the case.

    I resolved the problem in the end by replacing the WMP54GS with a
    similar Linksys Wireless G USB Adapter and this worked a treat
    talking to the printer in another room and all without trailing

    Hope this helps.....
    pcpilot, Nov 8, 2005
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  3. Well, that was the kind of thing I was fishing for. Unfortunately, in my
    case the computer doesn't even post. 3com email support didn't reply for
    over a week, so I've now put in for an RMA with the retailer.
    What I was really hoping for of course was either a reply along the
    lines of 'that works on my system' or 'that card sucks too much power
    for the mobo to deliver, and it'll never work'. Still, I wonder if a PCI
    standard [legacy] conflict may be to blame here ...

    3com pisses me off, really does. I mean, if it's incompatibility with an
    old MB, then well and good. But without any feedback from 3com I am not
    willing to risk possibly shorting out another machine (the bh6 survived,
    b.t.w., it's now running and connected with the old tx-100 NIC again).
    So now the retailer, the distributor and I will have to fork out for
    courier charges and waste our time. They used to be The Best for
    networking gear once upon a time. These days it's Made in China and
    phone support from India who can't understand a damn word I say (and I
    speak dialect free English).

    thanks for your reply -Peter
    Peter Huebner, Nov 11, 2005
  4. Peter Huebner

    pcpilot Guest

    Hi Peter,

    Glad to be of service and hope you get to the bottom of why the card
    did not fuction.
    understand a *** word I say (and I speak dialect free English).

    I know exactly what you mean............dealing with Symantec over a
    blocked program issue (see Software board) :\ .....have given up on
    their Indian Tech Support, poor understanding, failed promises and no
    follow ups etc. etc. etc........... Now dealing with online (US
    based?) support and that is so painful it would be easier to stick
    pins in my eyes :lol:

    Good luck!!

    pcpilot, Nov 12, 2005
  5. Peter Huebner

    Len G Guest

    I know it was a long time ago so not to sure what it said exactly but
    I am almost certain the card will never work as the implementation of
    the PCI on the BH6 is too old, just something I remember reading in
    here at least a year or more ago.

    Len G, Nov 14, 2005
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