BH6 with PIII/850/100, worth upgrading to Celeron 1.4G?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Shalom Septimus, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. I have a BH6, currently running with a PIII, 850MHz, 100MHz FSB. I was
    wondering if it would be worth the $80 or so to put in a slocket-T and
    a Celery 1.4. I'm not altogether familiar with the Celerons, and I'd
    like to know if anyone can tell me how much the 550MHz increase in
    clock speed is going to be offset by downgrading from a full PIII to a
    Celeron: in short, how much of an actual increase in performance am I
    likely to realise from this?

    (Oh, and it was fun trying to get that CPU in a Slot-1 to start with.
    The following conversation usually ensued:

    Me: "PIII/850/100/SECC2".
    Salesman: "Doesn't exist."
    Me: "Intel p/n BX80526U850256E."
    Salesman: "Uh, I guess it exists after all... but we don't have it."

    I eventually found it at zipzoomfly by searching on that exact part
    number. Cost me $156 back in 9/01.

    And will there be anybody likely to want a used PIII/850/100 in good
    condition? I wonder what I could get for it on eBay...)
    Shalom Septimus, Aug 30, 2004
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  2. Shalom Septimus

    Spajky Guest

    noticeable, worth upgrading IMHO, but check MoBo if bulging caps on
    it! .... hope you have also a decent PSU already!

    Better bet would be 1,3G Tuallie w/o additional cooling mosfet voltage
    regulators /behind the slot1 connector/! (if having ver.1.10 or less
    It is adviceable to mount on them some additional heatsink or close a
    small fan with reduced voltage to prevent overheating there...
    & do not try to OC it because of the same reason!
    downgrading? NOT al all !!! They are even a bit (few%) faster /same
    Clock-fsb/, but unfortunatelly softwareCoolers (progs) or NT based OS
    HLT instruction does not work properly on them when Idle-ing ...
    .... so idle temps are lower using progs like Rain with older
    technology (Coppermines) ..
    noticeable, but not drammatic!
    I can imagine ! :)))

    If you already got the requested, go for upgrade.
    if not, check your MoBo & Bios revision if having a Pci 1/4 divider
    possibility & if you have already PC133 ram & having an nVidia or any
    other video card capable of running at enough higher AGP clock. Why?

    maybe trying to OC your existing P-3/100fsb to 1G or even further is
    another (cheap) possibility! :)

    see also few days previous thread here in this NG:
    Re: Is a Slot1 1Gz P3 Chip on BH6 MoBo possible?
    Spajky, Aug 30, 2004
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  3. Shalom Septimus

    GinTonix Guest

    IIRC (having no Tualtins onboard) the Tualatin Celerons have 256KB of
    secondary cache, and the FSB is 100MHz. Sounds a lot like a Coppermine P3,
    so probably the increase could be 1:1 proportional to the addition of the
    MHz. Someone knows better, for sure.
    Did you consider a Slot1-FC-PGA converter for Coppermines? With it you could
    have gotten the CPU more easily and the repertuaire of possibilities would
    have been considerably wider (and cheaper).
    Wrap it into a piece of antistatic wrapping, add a few rounds of
    bubble-thingy and mail it to me. I'll happily accept it and and give it a
    new life with my BF6. It'd be a mean machine for my daughters to play some
    kiddie games :) I could even dig the good old Voodoo 3 3500 TV from my
    closet and wake up the monster again.
    Oh, you want money for it... Sorry, no luck today. My budget went really low
    right at the moment when I heard a funny noise under the hood some time ago
    :-/ The shipping costs I would pay, of course. Email me if you are into
    charity O:)
    GinTonix, Aug 30, 2004
  4. Shalom Septimus

    Larry Guest

    I have one. I think it is a 1.2 Cel overclocked to about 1.4. It works
    great on my rev1 BH6. I am interested in the PIII since I am running a BH6
    with a 333 Cel. I will even pay you for it.
    Larry, Aug 31, 2004
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