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Biggest bang for the buck ???

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Big Red, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. Big Red

    Big Red Guest

    Here is my rig:

    Asus A78NX ver 2.0 latest bios
    Barton 2500+ o/c 3200+
    2 x 512 Corsair 3200 LLPT
    ATI AIW 8500 128

    I love the ATI AIW cards - I've had 4. My ??? is should I buy an AGP upgrade
    such as the AIW 9800 Pro or should I bite the bullet and upgrade everything
    ? If AGP
    is going away - how long should you wait ? I guess my real question is -
    will my current
    processing power last me 2 more years and just upgrade the video card or
    will the
    processing power be more of an issue then I realize ? I dont game that much
    but I cant
    run Unreal 2004 with all the eye candy on. The newer games are bound to be

    If you think I should upgrade the AIW card .. which one ? 9800 Pro or X800
    Big Red, Dec 22, 2005
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  2. I have a similar rig, mine is

    MSI K7N2 Delta ILSR
    Athlon XP2500 oc'd @ 2.2ghz w/Thermaltake Volcano Extreme hs/f
    1gb Geil pc 3200
    Maxtor maxline plus III 300gb SATA w/16mb cache
    ATI Radeon 9800 pro
    I have tried twice, unsuccessfully to upgrade my video card, once with an
    MSI 6600gt, and once with an X800 GTO both cards had 256 meg of ddr3, and,
    quite honestly, both cards sucked in comparisson to my 9800 pro.
    I am a gamer,and I get between 50 and 70 fps in BF2 and D3 @ 1024x 768 high
    settings, no aa or af. Yea, I guess if I had extra $$$ to burn, I could
    upgrade everything and get higher settings and rez, but, right now, I have
    to ask, why? If I'm getting good fps with what I've got.
    Oh, I DID successfully upgrade my HD to a 300 gb SATA, and I saw an extreme
    performance boost in system boot time, game map load time etc. I would
    suggest if you are using an IDE drive, the cheapest 2 upgrades you can do is
    go SATA, and, sell your ram, or put it in another system, and upgrade to 2gb
    <my next step>
    I know 64 bit, and/or dual core and PCI-E is the next generation, but right
    now, they're still breastfeeding all the changes. 64 bit, dual core, PCI-E,
    SLI and Crossfire etc etc etc. Remember on top of all the bloody upgrades
    and changes, to fully get the benifit of a 64 bit system, you must also get
    a new Windows XP 64 bit edition, otherwise you're running your 64 bit system
    with a 32 bit operating system. And I'm not a pro, but to me, that would be
    like running an 8 cylinder car with 4 of the spark plugs unplugged lol. I've
    added up the prices over and over again to upgrade my system, and, I settle
    on a decent, upgrade proof way to go, GOOD mobo, decent CPU, and a good
    video card, and then I ask myself, am I having problems?
    I would suggest if you want to boost your system, yea, a better video card,
    maybe either the 9800 pro, or X800 or Nvidia 6800, a SATA HD, and 2 gigs of
    ram would give you the boost you desire.... inexpensively.
    I wish someone would come up with an adapter so you could use an agp card in
    a pci-e slot, or vice versa......
    Oh, btw, there is a mobo on Newegg that does support both agp and PCI-E if
    you want to upgrade slowly, thats what I'm thinking about.... but, the
    drawback, it doesn't use an Nvidia chipset...... <which I love>
    Good luck
    John Edmister, Dec 24, 2005
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  3. Big Red

    Guest Guest

    I'm in a similar situation, currently using an 8500Pro. The choices for my
    current budget seem to lie with either the 9800Pro (a card that I've always
    seen as the one-to-have) or the Nvidia 6200. A few weeks ago I'd have gone
    and bought the 9800Pro without any hesitation whatsoever but I've since
    learned that the 6200 is cheaper, runs faster, and cooler. Also it consumes
    less power.

    The only thing that is stopping me buying it is doubt. I really wanted the
    9800 Pro but now I can't decide :(

    FWIW the Barton core 2500 is a superb chip - wish it was in my PC. I have a
    2600XP, 512Mb DDR400, and an MSI KM3MV mobo.
    Guest, Dec 28, 2005
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