BIOS boot diskette?

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by midol, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. midol

    midol Guest


    I have a S2932 mainboard and need to do a BIOS upgrade to accommodate
    core cpus. The User's manual and the online instructions say to use a
    95 or Windows 98 boot diskette. The more recent of these is eleven
    years old
    and I haven't seen either for quite a while and certainly don't own a
    computer like that. Can anyone suggest an alternative?

    midol, Nov 5, 2009
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  2. midol

    Paul Guest may have some MSDOS boot versions.

    You can also find various sources of FreeDOS, a
    replacement. For example, the downloadable Seagate Seatools
    for floppy diskette, may have a copy of FreeDOS on it.
    The HP USB Flash formatter tool may include FreeDOS as well.
    So there are sources like that, of a DOS environment.

    I got my boot floppy, from a machine running Win98, so
    I could do that without the services of . I've
    been using copies of that original floppy, for years and

    You can also try a boot CD, but then you'd probably
    want at least one FAT32 hard drive around, to hold
    the flashing tools and BIOS files. Don't forget
    to make an archival copy of the current BIOS image.
    If anything goes wrong with the flash update, you
    need access to your backup copy, so you can attempt
    to flash it back.

    If all else fails, you can go to a site like and
    order a replacement BIOS chip. It really depends on the
    motherboard, as to how practical that is. Older motherboards
    use Dual Inline Packaging or DIP packages. Those are
    easy to install. After that came the PLCC square package,
    which is a bit of trouble to get out of the square socket.
    Some are soldered in place, making replacement unnecessarily

    The most modern motherboards now, use EEPROM chips with serial
    interfaces. The chip in that case, may be 8 pin and soldered to
    the motherboard. They don't tend to be installed in a socket.
    And that means, if you make a mistake flashing, you're going
    to need some help to recover. The motherboard manufacturer
    can reprogram the chip (there is usually a pin header intended
    to allow a programmer to be connected). I doubt that
    would be selling those kinds of chips.

    Good luck,
    Paul, Nov 6, 2009
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  3. midol

    Jim Guest

    Hi Dave,

    Tyan sent me to

    Tyan will also flash the chip for free, if you send it to them. They
    return it regular mail unless you include your own shipping container.

    Good luck!

    Jim, Nov 26, 2009
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