Bios Boot sequence not remembered (EIDE always before SATA) - sorry, 2nd message

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Ji!!i, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. Ji!!i

    Ji!!i Guest

    I'm sorry to post this again, however nobody answered and I really would
    like to get your view (if not a final solution).
    If I'm missing something, please let me also know.
    In the meantime I completed a wide search on the matter, finding out that
    the problem was known (and unsolved) last year.
    ASUS themselves do not answer.

    I'm using the latest available AMI Bios for my card: v. 1006.003, dated

    I've just installed a mobo P4P800S. Boot drive is SATA, Windows XP Home
    I have removable EIDE disks (plugged in as removable drawers).

    Any time I add, replace or take out a removable EIDE disk (of course PC
    powered off) and I then re-boot, I must also reconfigure the Bios so that it
    picks the SATA disk up as primary boot source.

    Said in a different way: apparently the Bios is programmed in order to
    RECALCULATE the boot priority at every change of config, always putting EIDE
    at the top of the list. Therefore it stops not finding bootable disks in any
    EIDE path.

    Strongly annoying!

    Any hint?

    Ji!!i, Mar 14, 2005
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  2. Ji!!i

    Paul Guest

    For some questions, there are no good answers. The AMI BIOS
    designers need to be sent to a "GUI reeducation camp", to purge
    from them, the temptation to make interfaces like the one
    they use for boot order.

    I don't think Asus has too much say in the matter, as that code
    is like controlled by AMI.

    About the only workaround I can suggest, is to connect the
    removable IDE devices to a separate IDE controller card.
    I _think_ they show up as SCSI emulation when you do that,
    so just maybe, the AMI BIOS won't mess with them, or will put
    them further down the "hit list".

    Paul, Mar 14, 2005
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  3. Ji!!i

    John Tindle Guest

    I have a similar motherboard and similar setup but do not experience the
    problem you describe!

    My board is the P4P800C with both SATA RAID controller and ICH5 SATA
    The VIA sata raid controller is disabled in the BIOS (don't need it yet)
    which makes us even.

    I have 2 SATA drives permanently installed, (Boot disk and backup disk).
    The IDE PATA connectors are used for drives I install temporarily for
    diagnostic purposes, so I'm always swapping drives in and out continuously.
    I never have to configure the BIOS when adding/removing drives.
    Here's my config:

    Primary IDE master (PATA): a temp drive I'm testing
    Primary IDE slave: (PATA): -empty-
    Secondary IDE master(PATA): CD-RW
    Secondary IDE slave (PATA): DVD-RW
    Third IDE master(SATA): Boot drive (win XP)
    Fourth IDE master (SATA): backup drive

    The BIOS is configured as ENHANCED IDE
    with ENHANCED Mode support set to S-ATA.

    Boot disk has been selected as MAXTOR120 (the boot drive).

    And that's that.
    I never have to reset anything,whether there are temp drive(s) installed or
    not - it always boots from the 3rd master.
    Have a look at your IDE setup in the BIOS and see if there are settings to
    select SATA OR PATA enhanced mode..

    Hope this helps,

    John Tindle, Mar 15, 2005
  4. Ji!!i

    tin news Guest

    Bonjour! Et merci.

    I'm travelling around the globe since I wrote that post. I have no phisical
    access to that PC.
    What you say is interesting.
    Apart from Bios settings, that I cannot check now, your config is really
    similar to mine.
    I don't have a second SATA installed (yet)
    Boot disk is Maxtor (so are all the others)

    I'm using the latest Bios release for my mobo (P4P800S, note the "S") but I
    also tested versions down to December 2003.

    Next two weeks I should happily land at home. I'll keep you posted.
    Thanks a lot for taking the time to opening the door to some hope.

    tin news, Mar 22, 2005
  5. Ji!!i

    tin news Guest

    Thank you. I might sound silly in pushing so much the subject, but this PC
    is used by a "very old" lovely Lady who has a very high capability to play
    with the PC and she uses it for her "creative stuff". The most practical way
    for friends/relatives to exchange things with her is to use removable disks
    via drawers. But I can't expect that she learns how to "correctly" play with
    the Bios!

    If I can't make the Bios perform in an acceptable way, I'll try your "SCSI"
    hint. Which is still a cheap solution.
    The last one being to buy a couple of USB open cartridge (those external
    boxes, Magnex produces them, which can handle removable drawers) and plug
    them via USB ports to the PC. Expensive and complex because of the
    additional power suppliers and boxes around, the main benefit being the fact
    that then the disks can be "hot plagged/swapped".

    I'll further investigate and will let you know.
    Thanks for your reply. I don't know the AMI Team/Group, while I perceive
    ASUS as having a good reputation. I also understand that this is not a bug,
    but "it works as designed", which makes things more complicated.
    In the sector I'm working in, the future is not anymore based on good
    technology, which is assumed to be good for anyone of my competitors, but
    it relies on good services and customer care.

    tin news, Mar 22, 2005
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