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Bios discovery for Compaq Presario 700 laptop?

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by LSU Tiger, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. LSU Tiger

    LSU Tiger Guest

    I have a Presario 700 that stopped booting yesterday.

    When I hit the power button, I get a power light, but no HD activity
    or monitor display. I can't hold down F8 (or F5 or whatever) to get
    the XP emergency menu, either.

    I was thinking maybe it was a BIOS problem? But I don't know the
    technique for getting into the BIOS. On some machines, you hold down
    escape while booting, or the delete key or something, but I don't know
    the sequence for the Presario.

    Does this sound like a BIOS problem at all, or more likely a dead

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    LSU Tiger, Oct 6, 2003
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  2. LSU Tiger

    Adam Guest

    I had the same prolem with my Presario 700 (716EA). One day it
    wouldn't boot, although the power led indicated it was on. It turned
    out to be a burnt processor- believe it or not, that is what the HP
    service told me. They managed to repair the unit, but I wanted my
    money back.

    The Compaq Presario- at least the one I and my mate owned, had some
    serious quality issues. LCD hinges, overheating (exchange of thermal
    pad was necessary twice), very short battry life (new battery solved
    the problem for some time) and then the processor were the main
    problem areas.

    I was very happy to get my money back- it was by no means easy. Apart
    from VERY poor build quality and serious reliability issues the
    performance of this laptop was ok. Fast processor but the graphics
    chip was not worth a penny.

    I now have an IBM T30, which works without any problems and is very
    well built. Avoid Presario 700!
    Best regards
    Adam Szmacinski
    Adam, Oct 6, 2003
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  3. LSU Tiger

    dcrews Guest

    I also havw a presario model 700 (725us) and have numerous problems
    all of which you seem to have mentioned. Poor hinge quality, no
    battery life, unable to succesfully upgrade memory without computer
    starting to freeze. I think this problem is heat related but compaq
    would never admit it. The corporation I work for uses Compaq
    exclusively and one of the reasons I bought one for my self. But this
    model is from what I can tell a piece of junk.
    How long did you have your notebook when you got refund?
    dcrews, Oct 7, 2003
  4. LSU Tiger

    Adam Guest

    I had it for almost 9 months. But please do have in mind that I live
    in Poland- different regulations, etc. I got a refund form the company
    that sold me the laptop. Compaq had nothing to do with it and refused
    to take responsibility.

    When it comes to this laptop, I was very much unhappy with it. I
    bought Compaq, because some other models worked very well. But with
    time Compaq seems to have lost the advantage. Even its corporate level
    maschines- the Evo lin, are of much worse quality than before.

    I don't care that much about performance, speed, whatever. A laptop
    must work!

    I talked to some people at Compaq and one young guy- probably unaware
    of the fact that he shouldn't have said that, told me that nearly all
    Presario 700 would come in for service. They had to replace the
    thermal pad. So it was a common problem. Try a google search and many
    people have the same problem. When i got the computer it would just
    turn itself off- because of the heat, even when browsing the web. I
    ran a 3dmark 2001 test and it became obvious that it'a heat that
    causes the problem. I phoned Comaq and they told me it was not
    invented for games... starnge after spending nearly 2k on it!

    Get rid of this piece of junk! It does however look flashy- if one
    cares and has a good screen. My friend has one and he is using one all
    the time. He encountered the same poblems but they rarely occur while
    Good luck
    Adam, Oct 7, 2003
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