Bios recovery on EP-8KDA3J

Discussion in 'Epox' started by Krisa tm, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Krisa tm

    Krisa tm Guest

    First I have to say, that I have already tried conventional
    approaches, and in this particular case they don' t work.

    A bit of history: My Epox mother board EP-8KDA3J was in perfect
    condition, and one day I wanted to install a 1TB HDD. It didn' t
    support it, so I flashed the bios to the latest version. I had to use
    WinFlash utility, because awdflash.exe didn' t want to flash this
    bios, because the bios-lock strings were different (the board
    originally had some kind of beta bios). The flashing worked, but HDD
    still wasn' t accepted. Then (as the HDD still was under guarantee), I
    took the PC and HDD to computer service, so they could check if the
    problam was my PC or HDD, and in their foolishess the service guys
    badly reflashed bios, and couldn' t fix it themselves, because they
    didn' t have any similar bios chip to try hotswapping.

    The problem: On boot there is a BIOS checksum error, and it asks for
    floppy, which contains AWDFLASH.EXE and bios image. That is of course
    good, as I can provide that. When I do - awdflash.exe is automatically
    run, and it automatically loads the first bin file on the floppy.
    (This makes it impossible to run awdflash.exe with any switches - for
    example the one which forces flash even when bios-lock string doesn' t
    match - it doesn' t run autoexec.bat if I place a system disk in, only
    The bad thing is, that the bios I successfully flashed on this board
    before, still doesn't have the right bios-lock string, so awdflash.exe
    just exits with that error and nothing happens.

    Here I have possible solutions, but unfortunately I cannot make them
    work without your help:
    * Maybe if I could get hacked awdflash.exe, which by default uses the /
    nbl swithc and forces flash without check of lock string
    * Maybe I can modify the bin file so it thinks it has the right lock
    string - but I have to know where to edit, and what is the required
    * If I had a bios chip which I could put in the board I could start PC
    with it and then use normal boot floppy with the correct parameters or
    even winflash (Nobody I know doesn' t have that Motherboard) - maybe I
    can use chip from another motherboard, in that case which are usable?
    *Alternatively, maybe I can put my chip on another working computer
    and reflash it (Which MB's not counting this model would accept it?)
    * Any other suggestions?

    Will be really grateful for all suggestions and input!
    Krisa tm, Aug 12, 2009
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