BIOS update 9CJS

Discussion in 'Chaintech' started by jOhN, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. jOhN

    jOhN Guest

    I noticed that I should be able to press ALT + F2 at boot to go into the
    AWDFLASH application. This doesn't seem to work for me and I didn't find
    any information on it in the manual.

    The BIOS update process seems to be very thin on details. I've seen
    several mainboard manufacturers introduce a BIOS update that does not
    require booting from a floppy to accomplish. Is this possible with the
    9CJS? Since many systems are moving away from floppy drives it would
    seem to be a proper move for any mainboard manufacturer.

    I would like some additional information on BIOS updating for this


    Remove NOSPAM from the REPLY TO
    jOhN, Dec 28, 2003
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  2. jOhN

    Ginchy Guest

    It tells you on the chaintech site????
    Ginchy, Dec 28, 2003
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  3. jOhN

    jOhN Guest

    The site gives you a couple of files and a one line instruction for what
    is apparently a floppy only install. I've copied the note below to their
    support group.

    Have you done an update on your board with the ALT + F2 at boot option?

    jOhN, Dec 28, 2003
  4. jOhN

    Ginchy Guest

    John........i know they dont meake it clear but basically they are telling
    you to do this because the built in one doesnt an error on
    bios checksum or summit like that

    so YES you do have to do it with the floppy but its very painless and

    look in the FAQ for the unbroken version of the dos the
    original one in the bios description it broke into 2 lines making you wonder
    if there was a space or no space between certain bits of the command line

    The EUROPE chaintech site is the ONLY one which has a FAQ for the 9cjs so

    Q1 I can't update the 9/29/03 Bios by pressed the ALT + F2, and I got the
    massage "The program file¡¦s bios-lock string does not match your system"

    A1 For the 9/29/03 Bios update, please follow the step below :
    -Make a DOS boot diskette (** Windows 2000/Me/XP are not allowed to make a
    DOS boot diskette) :
    -Unzip the Bios file then copy to the boot diskette
    -Down load the Adwflash utility from our web then copy it to the boot
    disk-Insert the boot diskette to floppy driver A, and then restart the
    system. System will boot from the floppy disk.
    -After system boot form the floppy disk, type "a:\awdflash 9cjs0929.bin /NBL
    /QI /py /sn /r " (a:\awdflash biosfilename).
    -After update MB bios, please go to bios setting and select "Load Optimized

    Good luck! Oh and IIRC when it gets to 100% during the flash it DOES pause
    for a few seconds.....just wait!!!!!

    Dont forget to LOAD OPTOMISED DEFAULTS afterwards or it doesnt take effect.
    Ginchy, Dec 28, 2003
  5. jOhN

    jOhN Guest

    Thanks for the info. I had completely missed the FAQ because IMO the web
    design of their site can be non-intuitive. I thought the text that was
    positioned right of "FAQ" was the FAQ! haha

    I've done dozens of BIOS updates and this one is a bit more convoluted
    getting there than most. Since I built my system without a floppy I'm
    going to make a bootable CDRW or USB flashdrive instead.

    jOhN, Dec 28, 2003
  6. jOhN

    Ginchy Guest

    I just done version 4.0 and the alt/f2 thing works!!!

    Apparently its only version 3.0 of the bois that doesnt work.

    If your floppy is in the drive with the new bios .bin file on it and you
    press alt/f2 thats dont get a chance to do anything else the
    whole process is auto and it goes ahead and flashes without you "starting"
    it or anything.

    Very quick this way....whole thing was over in about 20seconds!
    Ginchy, Dec 28, 2003
  7. jOhN

    Chaintechee Guest


    Ensure that your keyboard (if a newer one) does not require that FLock be
    set, or that if it is USB, your BIOS recognizes the USB keyboard during

    I hope this helps!
    Chaintechee, Dec 30, 2003
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