Blew my SY-6BA+IV BIOS during flash!

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by GBP, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. GBP

    GBP Guest

    I flashed the BIOS on my SY-6BA+IV and had the correct new BIOS from the
    Soyo site (and followed all instructions as I checked and double checked
    everything) and in the middle of the flashing it gave a "write fail" error,
    crashed and burned. In other words it died and is not recoverable! I have
    ordered a new BIOS ($20) from Soyo. I just want some good old fashioned
    advice on how to flash safely. (Yeah, don't do it!) I would sure like to
    know why the flashing failed with no possibility of a graceful recovery.
    Also, any advice on correctly installing the new BIOS? Thanks!

    GBP, Oct 26, 2003
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  2. GBP

    GBP Guest

    Well, since nobody answered my post, I guess I'll do it myself. :)

    The new BIOS chip came from Soyo today and I installed it very carefully.
    (All of the pins had to be straightened since they were all askew!) Then I
    fired up the machine and everything worked perfectly. Of course I went
    straight into the BIOS and reset everything. Fortunately I found that Soyo
    sent the latest and last BIOS for this board. I'm happy. I was trying to
    flash to this BIOS anyway for the IDE/UltraDMA features.

    I would NEVER buy a motherboard that did not have some kind of "boot block"
    feature so if a flashing goes bad you can recover. The Boot Block lets you
    return to the last BIOS. That's my advice, for what it's worth.

    GBP, Oct 29, 2003
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