Blue and White G3 350 No Video

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Da S, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. Da S

    Da S Guest

    I just purchased the aforementioned machine. It had been connected to
    an LCD monitor and worked fine. I brought the machine home (transported
    very carefully) and although the machine seems to start up fine, I get
    a grey screen(no happy mac)for about 2 seconds and then my Sony
    Multiscan E210 monitor goes into the power save mode as if it is not
    getting a video signal. I reconnected the monitor to my G4 updated
    Beige G3 and monitor works fine. I removed ATI rage 16 mb video card
    and reseated in in another pci slot and I still get absolutely no
    video. Also zapped Pram and reset cuda switch..Could the video card
    have suddenly gone bad or is there something I have to do to make sure
    that the CRT monitor reads the card. Interface is standard VGA on
    monitor and card. Any help appreciated, Dave
    Da S, Apr 8, 2004
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  2. I had exactly the same symptoms. _Exactly_. On the exact same machine.

    I replaced the battery. No good.
    I replaced the video card with a new ATI Radeon PCI card. No good.
    I replaced the motherboard, but, I did not know about the jumper, and
    after putting my old CPU in the motherboard, turned on the machine,
    and thereby fried my old CPU if indeed it was still working at all.

    I bought a Sonnet G3 upgrade processor (500 MHz), put it in the new
    motherboard, made damn sure I had the jumper in (the one covered by the
    paper that says "warranty void if removed"), and restarted the machine.

    All is now well. However, it is essentially a new secondhand machine,
    having laid out roughly $120 for the video card, $150 for the second-
    hand motherboard, and $150 for the new CPU. In fairness, the machine is
    now faster with better video, but I'm also out $420. On the other hand,
    my data is worth many times that, and I don't really want to replace
    the machine just yet.

    I wish you well, but my fear is that your motherboard or your CPU needs

    I also made about four trips to the Apple Store in Chicago, and they
    were moderately helpful; but it was a little misleading as well, because
    they were able to get the machine working simply by hooking it up to
    a different monitor. That allowed me to pull off some time-critical files,
    but when I got home, the machine was once again dead. On this occasion,
    the machine had somehow been put into a video mode that my monitor did
    not support, but that the Apple Store's monitor did. It is vaguely
    possible that this is what is going on with your machine. Also, the
    Apple guy fixed the resolution on my computer to work with my monitor,
    but it didn't matter, the computer still didn't work when I got home.

    I got the replacement motherboard from Shreve Systems, and the CPU
    replacement from Small Dog Electronics. The video card (which was very
    hard to find) came, strangely enough, from Walmart on line.

    Good luck!

    David Derbes
    david raoul derbes, Apr 8, 2004
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  3. I have also seen this symptom with my B&W G3 when I incorrectly
    installed an extra IDE drive. (I set it as a master when it should have
    been a slave, or vice versa.) While that doesn't apply to your
    situation, it suggests that the problem may be less serious than a
    motherboard failure. Have you tried booting up from another disk or a
    George Johnson, Apr 9, 2004
  4. Da S

    Da S Guest

    One of the first things that I did was to try to boot up from a system
    or repair CD and that did not help the problem. I think the video card
    may be bad as I did not get a proper video startup when I put it in my
    beige G3(which it is supposed to be compatible with). I am attempting
    to get another video card but would welcome any other suggestions and I
    thank those who have tried to help thus far.
    Da S, Apr 11, 2004
  5. Good luck. Let us know when you find the solution.
    George Johnson, Apr 11, 2004
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