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blue screen after installation

Discussion in 'Soundblaster Live' started by Danielle, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. Danielle

    Danielle Guest

    Hello. About two weeks ago, I installed the SoundBlaster Live 5.1. I
    had had an onboard sound card before that, and pointed all audio
    devices to use this new card. Everything worked fine for a bit, then
    suddenly I started having problems. The computer froze a couple times,
    and blue screened me a couple times. I then noticed my sound wasn't
    working anymore. So I went in to check what sound card the computer
    was trying to use, and it was set back to the old one. I tried to
    change it back to the SB, but it wasn't even an option anymore. So I
    reinstalled the sound card and drivers. When I rebooted, the comp
    proceeded to blue screen me 3 or 4 times and when it finally came on,
    the sound card was not listed as present. Just the old one.

    So I called technical support at this point. The guy said that I
    needed to disable my virus protection software (which I had forgotten
    the second time), and to disable the old sound card in the BIOS. He
    left me to figure that out on my own. I did. Then disabled the virus
    software, and reinstalled the SB sound card. I rebooted, and the same
    thing happened... except this time the comp isn't pointing at the old
    sound card. It's just not pointing at anything. I have no idea what is
    wrong and why I can't install this sound card properly when it was
    working before. I can't think of anything that I installed that would
    have caused it to stop working. Please help! Any suggestions are very
    welcome. Thanks!! :)
    Danielle, Jan 17, 2004
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  2. Danielle

    Lenny Guest

    I can only give suggestions, because so much about windows, the hardware it
    runs on and the way the two interact with drivers and all is basically
    voodoo magic that not even microsoft and hardware vendors understand fully.
    :) It's not possible to identify all the possible ways the two can fail to
    work as intended. :)

    First off, have you checked the add/remove programs applet in the control
    panel if the Live soundcard and its related software shows up there? If it
    does, uninstall everything that way. After that, go to the hardware device
    manager (can also be done through control panel, or you right-click My
    Computer, select properties in pop-up menu, then hardware tab in new window,
    then device manager button), and check under sound, video and game units to
    see if the Live is still there. If it is, you click it, hit the delete
    button on your keyboard and answer yes to the questions that appear.

    Next, you boot up windows in safe mode (check manual on how to do that
    because I have forgotten). Enter the device manager again, check for any
    device that is Live-related, including under the creative miscellaneous
    devices heading, etc and if you find, you kill. Reboot once again and let
    the computer start up normally.

    If you still get bluescreens and stuff, shut down the box, pull the cord out
    the back of the power supply and yank the Live out of your PC. Boot up
    again. If it STILL bluescreens, your windows install is f*cked. You need to
    reinstall, preferably by first backing up any valuable information off your
    harddrive (internet favorites folder, my documents folder, emails, etc etc),
    reformat your system partition and then plonk in the installation CD and let
    it run its course. Sometimes it's enough just to plonk in the install CD and
    let the installation program try to repair what's already there, but things
    can get messed up and get erratic if you mix old and new files (as you've
    undoubtedly run windows update and stuff). A fresh start is highly
    recommended, though make darned sure you don't destroy anything you can't
    replace while formatting your harddrive!

    If the box does NOT bluescreen when you boot it up without the Live inside,
    shut down yet again, pull out power cord and put the Live card back in
    (making sure it's seated properly in the PCI slot, etc). Boot up. If it
    starts bluescreening again, your windows install is f*cked, re-install as
    per steps above.

    If a re-install does not help, your Live card might be f*cked too. You could
    try it in a friend's PC instead and see if you have greater success there.

    Oh, and by the way... Before you handle computer hardware, make sure you're
    not statically charged (wearing synthetic clothing, standing on synthetic
    rugs/carpets, rubbing catskins against glass staves etc is generally bad
    things to do when messing about inside computers). To alleviate this
    problem, touch the metal chassis of the computer before actually doing any
    changes inside and don't touch components on the card or its connectors,
    especially not the edge connector that goes in the PCI slot (oils from your
    skin can cause oxidation/poor contact). Also, make sure you connect your PC
    to a *grounded* power outlet. Without a proper ground, your system won't be
    properly shielded against electro-magnetic interference amongst other
    things, and YOU will not be protected against ground faults in the power
    supply (which could make the computer electrically conductive unless a
    proper ground is present).
    Lenny, Jan 18, 2004
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  3. Danielle

    Wally Guest

    Before following Lenny's suggestions concerning reinstalling Windows, you
    could try putting the card in a difference PCI slot.
    Wally, Jan 18, 2004
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