Boot problem (Asrock 939DUAL mobo)

Discussion in 'ASRock' started by Hackworth, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Hackworth

    Hackworth Guest

    I just put together a system for a friend using an Asrock 939Dual-SATA2
    Socket 939 motherboard
    (, 1 GB
    dual-channel memory, an Athlon 64 3200+, a Maxtor 200GB SATA150 hard disk
    drive, an ATI Radeon 9600 AGP video card, and onboard sound. There are no
    other PCI card sinstalled yet.

    Everything works perfectly *except* that it can never find the operating
    system (Win XP SP2) on the first try when I cold boot. I always have to hit
    the reset button.

    I'm using the latest-and-greatest BIOS (1.05), all of the hardware drivers
    are the latest versions, and I've played with every likely candidate in the
    BIOS settings.

    In the "old days," you could set a delay of 1-4 seconds in the BIOS to give
    the hard disk a chance to spin up so that the boot firmware would read the
    drive and load Windows. There is no equivalent setting on today's
    motherboards, but it feels so much like that's what I need. Any ideas as to
    what else I could try?
    Hackworth, Feb 2, 2006
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  2. Hackworth

    Hackworth Guest

    OK, I'm a pretty stubborn guy and I hate to give up, so I kept trying to get
    this motherboard to boot up from the SATA hard disk. If all else failed, I
    was just going to get a plain old PATA disk and boot from that.

    The problem turned out to be related to the onboard SATA. Apparently, this
    is an "issue" with this board, as lots of folks who own it have been having
    cold boot problems when trying to boot from the onboard SATA... at least
    with certain hard disks. Even the most recent BIOS doesn't seem to fix it...
    there's some sort of timing thing going on.

    So, to solve the problem, I just enabled the single onboard **SATA II**
    connector and plugged the 200GB Maxtor into that thing... and it worked! I
    can cold boot to my heart's content, and of course the other two (SATA I)
    connectors are still available if the person for whom this system is
    intended ever wants to add another SATA hard disk.

    It was a pain in the butt and I wasted lots of time, but at least now I know
    about the problem in case anyone else needs help with this thing.
    Hackworth, Feb 3, 2006
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