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Discussion in 'Asus' started by Pridanc, Jan 10, 2022.

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    Jan 10, 2022
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    Folks, first off know that I'm just another old dork who is not computer savvy. I can follow directions however, so take that off your plate! (OK, decently anyway)

    Next and this is where I'm stumped. I have a lovely old desktop from 2010 that works beautifully that I have no desire to ditch. Yes, I have modern laptops that travel with me but when in my home office? Good old desktop.

    • Mother Board is a ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
    • 16gig ram
    • Three HDS 1)500gig standard, 2) 500 gig SSD, and 3) a 3tb external (mounted inside tower however) standard type. Not SSD
    • OS until now only Windows. First 7 then upgrade to 10. Win 10 has been on the machine for a while now
    I've installed a Linux OS onto my laptop without problem so felt time to give it a go on my desktop but as this is my longtime office machine, I first wanted a machine that had both OS on it able to boot into either Linux or Windows.

    Not a dual-boot per-se as the two OS are not sharing the same hard drive if that makes sense? And my own use of the words may be wrong but I hope I'm painting a picture of how my machine is setup? To be clear, Windows startup files are on the SSD, the rest of windows needs and all storage are on the 500gig standard drive and Linux only is on the 3tb drive.

    My issue is this: No matter what I tell the BIOS to do (boot order etc), no matter that when I manually select which OS I want to start up, via clicking on it in the ASUS BIOS utility just as I did successfully with the Linux USB stick, the Machine always starts in Win 10.

    How in all of creation can I boot into Linux from a USB stick loaded with Linux (is also from where I loaded all Linux files onto the 3tb HD) and it works just fine. Yes, even now. Why at computer power up can I go to the ASUS BIOS utility and choose the USB stick and the machine goes into Linux just fine but heaven forbid I tell the machine to choose the drive that has the Linux system on it because the machine goes "OK, I see your choice but we will use Windows anyway!" What? But you didn't argue the USB stick? I'm lost.....

    If anyone out there can help this old guy, please speak up and I'm also happy to supply pictures or files that might help. Just ask. The saying Wits End is long past. I'm truly about ready to just say freak it, erase all window files and install Linux on the "c" drive in a frustrated way to get this doggone thing to launch Linux by itself. Without the USB stick and no more Windows.

    OK, thanks everyone for your help and suggestions in advance as I can't thank you enough. All the best PC
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    Pridanc, Jan 10, 2022
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