[BP6] NICs do not work in PCI 5

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Wolfram Goetz, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. Hi all,

    I found that three NICs did not work (3Com 3C905, Realtek 8139A, Realtek
    8139D) in PCI 5 on my BP6. All NICs install fine, no probs in the device
    manager. But connections do not work, no (zero!) packets are
    transmitted. The DOS test programs (3c90xcfg.exe for the 3com,
    Rset8139.exe for the Realteks). say the internal loopback tests fail.
    This seemed to indicate a problem with the eeprom on the card. But all
    cards are ok and do work in another computer.

    I think it must be the PCI5 slot. In PCI4 is an Adaptec 2940AU. IRQ
    sharing should not be the problem (or is it?), the system runs Windows
    2000 SP3 with MPS-ACPI-HAL. So is it the shared busmastering signal? Can
    I reconfigure my system to plug in another PCI NIC?

    AGP: Matrox G400
    PCI1: 3Com 3c905 NIC
    PCI2: AVM Fritz! ISDN card
    PCI3: Lifetec 9415 TV card (BT878)
    PCI4: Adaptec SCSI 2940AU
    PCI5: empty
    ISA1: NE2000 NIC
    ISA2: SB AWE64

    Any help or recommendations would be really appreciated!

    Wolfram Goetz, Jul 10, 2003
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  2. Wolfram Goetz

    Homie Guest

    Slot 5 shares bus mastering with the on-board hpt 366 controller so very few cards of
    any kind will work in slot 5.
    Put a dual nic in slot 1 or 3 ,,,,
    Or just get another ISA nic that does what you want.

    Mainboards, Videocards & CPU pin repair.


    That is the current configuration, I wanted to replace the NE2000 with a
    PCI card.
    Homie, Jul 10, 2003
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  3. I was lucky. Googled for some information about busmastering and my PCI
    cards. The 3com and the TV card seem to use busmastering, but I did not
    find anything about the AVM Fritz ISDN card. So I took the Ne2000 out,
    put the Fritz from PCI 2 to PCI 5 and the Realtek NIC into PCI 2.

    It works. The Adaptec 2940AU and the AVM card can coexist in PCI 4 and

    Thanks for your advice + best regards,


    Wolfram Goetz, Jul 10, 2003
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