Broken CD-ROM drive, or broken Mac?

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Cool dude, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. Cool dude

    Cool dude Guest

    I bought an internal to put in my Performa Mac, which has a slide in
    bay. The CD-ROM does not have power, nor can my Mac find it in the SCSI
    chain. I also have an external MacAlly ROM drive which works in the
    external enclosure. The apple ROM Internal does not work in the
    external enclosure. No power, mac cant find it.

    I am thinking that the Apple 24X based CD-ROM drive was sold to me
    broken by my Ebay friend. But the seller denies it.

    What do you say? It is remotely plausable that my Mac's CD-ROM slide in
    bay could be damaged? I highly doubt it, as I've had another drive
    there before, which did have power, and was dected.

    But you guys know better...
    Cool dude, Oct 18, 2003
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  2. Cool dude

    David C. Guest

    Double-check all your connections. Make sure everything's actually

    I'm unfamiliar with the "slide in bay" mechanism, but if it's like
    other driver carriers I've seen, you should check the connections
    between the drive and the carrier.

    Also, check to make sure your SCSI ID is set correctly. I think
    Apple typically uses ID 3 for CD-ROM drives.

    -- David
    David C., Oct 18, 2003
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  3. Cool dude

    Guest Guest

    Clarify a few things for me:

    1) when you say slide in bay I assume you mean the drive slid into the
    computer's case from the front.

    2) you say it has no power. You mean if you clock on the drive door it
    doesn't open? Sounds like there's no electricity. Are you sure you have
    the drive plugged into the power supply?

    3) you refer to a MacAlly ROM drive that works in an external encloser
    and that the Apple ROM drive doesn't work in it. Assume you mean that
    you put the drive you pulled out of the Performa into a MacAlly external
    enclosure. Again, if there is no power it sounds like you haven't
    connected the drive to the power supply
    Guest, Oct 18, 2003
  4. Cool dude

    Cool dude Guest

    The drive is plugged into power. The whole computer and the floppy disk
    drive also power up.
    Bye the way its a Performa 6360.
    Yes the Apple CD does not work in the external enclosure, but the
    MacAlly drive does.

    Again, if there is no power it sounds like you haven't
    The drive is connected, because I took the Apple Rom drive out of the
    external case and put the MacAlly one back in, and I had power.
    Cool dude, Oct 18, 2003
  5. Cool dude

    Cool dude Guest

    How can I? The Performa 6360 has a slide out Motherboard, and its
    difficult to access the other parts of the case. Its not like a typical
    computer, where you can easily get to that stuff.

    Performa 6360 uses a slide drive bay.

    The SCSI ID should be set to 3. The pins are set in.
    Cool dude, Oct 18, 2003
  6. Cool dude

    David C. Guest

    I'm not referring to the computer-side of the drive bay. That
    obviously works if the old drive can still be attached.

    I'm referring to the CD-ROM drive. A normal SCSI drive won't just
    "slide in" to anything. So the drive must be mounted on a carrier of
    some kind. The connection between the drive and that carrier may not
    be secure.

    -- David
    David C., Oct 19, 2003
  7. Cool dude

    Cool dude Guest

    Its perfectly secure. The drive mounts on a mounting kit. Take a look
    at the 6360. I slide the drive into the front and it snaps in.

    Yesterday I tested my external enclosure again, and yes the Apple ROM
    drive was unable to get power, while my MacAlly ROM drive was. I even
    went to the extreme of unplugging the device from my Mac, and only into
    a outlet. The Apple ROM drive is dead, while the MacAlly drive was able
    to gain power.

    I think I got sold a lemon on Ebay
    Cool dude, Oct 19, 2003
  8. Cool dude

    Cool dude Guest

    He denies its broken, but I'm sending it back Monday and he plans to
    refund me. The bad News is that, I will need to find another 24X
    Internal ROM drive, which will probably cost more than $40.
    Cool dude, Oct 19, 2003
  9. Cool dude

    Cool dude Guest

    A beige G3 does not have a Sonnettech G3 upgrade Card as fast as mine,
    nor a HD as big, nor as much RAM, nor as fast of an Ethernet card.
    Adding all that, and some parts wont transfer over, will cost more than
    $100. I make any major changes and its better to buy a new world Mac.

    I am doing this because my external is busted. It powers on, but its
    Cool dude, Oct 20, 2003
  10. Cool dude

    David C. Guest

    He denies its broken, but I'm sending it back Monday and he plans to
    Keep in mind that you shouldn't need a drive that's made for the 6360.

    I just did some web searching for the 6200/6300 series service
    manual. (Do a web search for performa_6200.6300.pdf, adn you should
    find at least one site with it.)

    Your CD-ROM is a generic SCSI drive with a plastic "CD-ROM Carrier"
    screwed on to the bottom of the drive.

    You should be able to get any SCSI CD-ROM drive you like. Unscrew
    the carrier from the bottom of your old drive and screw it onto the
    new drive and you're all set.

    The picture in the manual (an admittedly low-resolution
    dithered-monochrome image) shows a carrier just like the one in my
    Quadra 840av. I replaced my factory drive (a 2x) with a generic
    Panasonic 40x drive and had no problems with it.

    The only potential gotcha I can see here is if the tray of the new
    drive doesn't fit through the cutout in the front bezel. You may
    have to trim away some plastic if the new drive doesn't have the tray
    in the exact same place as the factory drive. From the pictures I've
    got, it looks like a generic drive should work, but it's hard to tell
    from a photo.

    FWIW, my replacement drive didn't line up at all with the original
    bezel, but my factory-installed drive was a caddy-loading drive, so I
    didn't expect it to. For a while, I just ran the computer with the
    bezel removed, which looks ugly. Then I did some web searches and
    found a vendor on-line who sold me a replacement bezel with a bigger
    opening that could accommodate a generic drive.)

    Once the drive is installed and working, you may find that the Apple
    CD-ROM system extension doesn't work with it. If so, you can use
    either a third-party extension (like CharisMac's Discribe) or you can
    hack the Apple driver (there's an article at ResExcellence that
    describes how to do this.) I hacked the Apple driver to get mine to

    Good luck.

    -- David
    David C., Oct 21, 2003
  11. Cool dude

    Joe Heimann Guest

    The 6360 is different in a number of ways from the 6200/6300, so that
    service manual may not be completely helpful.
    The carrier in the Performa desktop series is different from the one
    used by the 840. It has attached SCSI and audio connector adapters
    that provide card edge connectors that plug into slots inside the
    desktop case. If the location of the SCSI and audio slots on the
    replacement CD-Rom drive are off from the original one, then these
    edge connectors will not plug into the slots inside correctly. There
    is no SCSI cable in the case going to the CD-Rom drive, so alignment
    needs to be very close to original.
    Joe Heimann, Oct 21, 2003
  12. Cool dude

    Cool dude Guest

    Your wrong. You do. I tried installing my external 24X macAlly drive
    into the 6360 with the correct mounts and it did not fit. Know my
    MacAlly drive is busted I will need to purchase a Apple 24X Internal
    from or someone else on Ebay.
    Cool dude, Oct 21, 2003
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