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Building new PC-AMD or Intel?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MarkW, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. MarkW

    MarkW Guest

    I am going to be assembling a new computer shortly. What makes it
    is I use it for a wide variety of uses.

    1. Microsoft Office (mostly Word and Excel)
    2. Design and Graphics-I also do a lot of photo editing with Adobe
    Photoshop. I use the Adobe suite as well as Dreamweaver for
    page development. Also for work I create DVD's so use
    3. Multimedia-I want a system that is the ultimate multimedia
    since I do the video and graphics work and I want it to be HDTV
    ready meaning I'll be able to get a high definition drive for
    it, play video from the computer onto a HDTV, record video from
    satellite TV, etc.
    4. Gaming-I want it to be a good gaming computer and be able to play
    the latest games.

    Other Questions:

    AMD vs. Intel: I read for gaming AMD is best (likely the Athlon 64)
    and for video/graphics Intel is best (dual core). It seems for my use
    Intel may be best but yet for gaming will I suffer that much by not
    going with AMD? I can imagine Intel cost more as well. With Longhorn
    coming out next year though being 64 bit would it be better to be
    a 64 bit chip rather than dual core which I believe is 32 bit? Or am
    better off going with the new chip from AMD which is both 64 bit and
    Dual Core?

    Heat Issue: I know someone who has both a Pentium 4 and a Athlon XP
    and the Athlon seems to run far hotter than the P4. he has fans on
    both and both seem to be operating fine but does this usually create
    any problems?

    Which brand of motherboard: In the past I have always gone with ASUS.
    Is this one of the best to get?

    I know for this I will get a good PCI Express card such as geforce.
    well probably a good surround sound high definition card such as the
    Soundblaster Audigy unless the sound is built into the motherboard.
    the problem I find is I want a computer that just about covers every
    use. I know I will have more questions to ask later such as what
    to go with, what specific sound card, for memory I assume DDR2 is
    and what graphics card but this is a start.
    MarkW, Jul 19, 2005
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