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Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Scott, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. Scott

    Scott Guest

    Questions are below. It's been an experience the last 2 days. I opened the
    box with my processor and 4 pins were bent. I went to the website where I
    bought it and they said returns required within 7 days and it had already
    been 8. Aargh! I took it to my friendly, neighborhood PC builder and he
    straightened the pins and tested it on my motherboard. Set me back $42 but
    I have peace of mind that the chip works and I don't have to pay for return

    I purchased a KNXP non-ultra mobo and a Xaser III Super Tower.

    1) I don't seem to find a wire from a case fan to connect to the mobo
    SYS_FAN. There are 7 fans in the case. I have the chip fan and power
    supply fan connected. Anyone know if I'm missing a wire somewhere?

    2) I think my case and mobo are slightly incompatible regarding front audio
    inputs. The case was wires marked: MIC VCC, MIC IN, GND, EAR R, EAR R, EAR
    L, and EAR L.

    The mobo defines the front audio panel pins as follows: 1) MIC, 2) GND,
    3)REF, 4)POWER, 5) Front Audio R, 6) Rear Audio R, 7) Reserved, 9) Front
    Aduio L, 10) Rear Audio L.

    Anyone know if/how they hook up?

    3) The mobo manual lists the front USB 1 & 2 as if they were firewire. The
    manual shows 2 banks of 10 pins (#9 missing) when in actuality, there is
    only 1 bank of 10 pins and #7 is missing. To further complicate matters, my
    case's wires for front USB expect 5 pins (USB1 fits on 5 pins, USB2 fits on
    5 pins). Can anyone resolve this discrepency?

    Thanks for your help.
    -- Scott
    Scott, Aug 4, 2003
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  2. Scott

    Jeff Guest

    comments inline...

    Sys_fan is usually a fan that cuts in when temperature rises - probably just
    disable in your box of fans.
    Lucky you! ... My front panel only had single ear L & R not both..

    I thinkthe pair of earL and earR are hooked up to the switches in the
    earphone socket, so when you plug the earphones in the speakers go off...
    you will need to see which goes where by trial and error, if you hear
    through the earphones it is probably right.

    try this

    MIC IN -> MIC
    GND -> GND
    EARR -> Front Audio R
    EARL -> Front Audio L
    EARR -> Rear Audio R
    EARL -> Rear Audio L
    The two packs of 5 pins make 10 pins - line them uptogether and insert - MB
    makers do not yet agree on a layout
    Jeff, Aug 4, 2003
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  3. Scott

    Tim Guest


    For the USB, take a look at the manual on page 33.

    For each USB, there will be a set of wires as follows:

    USB Dx-
    USB Dx+


    USB Dy-
    USB Dy+

    Tim, Aug 4, 2003
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