Building RAID-0 on PowerEdge 2650 PERC

Discussion in 'Dell' started by jwaynejones, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. jwaynejones

    jwaynejones Guest


    I am hoping to get some input on a project I am working on. We have a
    Dell PowerEdge 2650 With two seagate cheetah 36.7 GB drives and a PERC
    RAID controller; this is our exchange server and is running windows
    2000 AS. We had to break our mirror a few years back to cope with a
    storage issue. Now that things are settled and the budget is better, we
    are looking at re-installing our RAID-1. However, we need to do this
    with zero data loss. I have purchased three more drives, and am
    evaluating several options:

    1.) RAID-1, same partitions. This seems to be the simplest way, to just
    image the drives, setup a mirror, and re-image the drives. question is
    though, will it work? will the OS allow us to just setup a RAID-1 and
    re-image and work?

    2.)RAID-5. Have never setup a RAID-5 mirror before, so I am near
    clueless on this, minus the reading I have been doing over the past

    3.)RAID-1, dual partitions. Basically the same thing as option #1, but
    would require a re-install of everything. Would be setup to use one
    RAID-1 mirror for the OS, exchange binaries, and logfiles. another
    RAID-1 mirror would provide for the data stores.
    RAID-5 but not -1?
    Mainly, what can I do to keep from having to completely re-build the OS
    and Exchange systems, as we have a large account base, and some rather
    complex forwarding setup.

    Thanks much
    jwaynejones, Jan 11, 2006
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  2. jwaynejones

    Joel Guest

    I think option 1 is the easiest to do. If I remember correctly we did
    use ghost to image drive 0 to drive 1 then ran the raid driver. I would
    wait for other answers to make sure.
    Joel, Jan 11, 2006
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  3. jwaynejones

    Fixer Guest

    Yuo could always phone dell and ask because certainly in the UK so probably
    world wide its free Tech support for life.
    Fixer, Jan 12, 2006
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