Built new computer, can't boot. POST Code 0.4

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Xinos, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. Xinos

    Xinos Guest

    So, I got a
    KV8 -MAX3 - motherboard
    [b:ceeb8bb2b6]300W[/b:ceeb8bb2b6] - PSU
    [b:ceeb8bb2b6]AMD64-3200[/b:ceeb8bb2b6] - processor
    [b:ceeb8bb2b6]512Mb DDR (400Mhz)[/b:ceeb8bb2b6] - RAM
    [b:ceeb8bb2b6]Radeon 9800 Pro[/b:ceeb8bb2b6] - Graphic card.
    2 HardDrives and 2 CD stations.

    I built everything together, and when I hit Power, the computer runs
    through the first couple of tests and locks up on POST code 0.4
    With a notorious loong beep, nothing, loong beep, nothing etc, looping

    I have replaced the RAM with a different one, and they work on other

    It seems that I am not the only one that's had this problem, but no
    matter where I look, I can't find a sollution.
    Xinos, Oct 17, 2004
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  2. Xinos

    Larry Gagnon Guest

    Basic Beep Codes for ABIT AWARD BIOS Motherboards

    No beep at all - this means your motherboard is dead, either due to a
    defective or underpowered power supply, poorly seated CPU or RAM, or a
    dead-on-arrival board

    One beep - board is working fine

    One long beep then machine shuts down - faulty, improperly installed or
    missing CPU

    1 short (Beep) System booting is normally

    2 short (Beep) CMOS setting error

    1 long - 1 short (Beep) DRAM ERROR

    1 long - 2 short (Beep) Display card or monitor connected error

    1 long - 3 short (Beep) Keyboard Error

    1 long - 9 short (Beep) ROM Error

    Long (Beep) continuous - DRAM isn't inserted correctly

    Short (Beep) continuous - POWER supply has a problem

    A two-tone siren - generally caused by overheating or out of specification

    Four beeps then machine shuts down - this is because this version of the
    BIOS will shut down your machine if no fan tachometer signal is detected on
    the fan header. Make sure you attach a fan to the FAN1 or FAN4 header or
    clear CMOS to reset to default (no checking).

    Larry Gagnon
    Larry Gagnon, Oct 17, 2004
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  3. Xinos

    Wes Newell Guest


    First thing I'd do is get a bigger PSU. My old 400W PSU that powers my XP
    system withou a problem, crashes my A64 3000+ system within a minute of
    posting. Sometimes I couldn't even get to bios, and was never able to save
    it. It's likely that your 300W PSU doesn't supply enough voltage on the
    +12v rail. Did you hook up the 4pin (P4) +12v connector, assuming your
    board has one. Both your cpu and video card will draw more current than
    my old GF3 card. So if I were you I'd buy a cheap $15 550W PSU and try
    that first. You might try disconnecting all the drives and see if you can
    get it to boot to bios. If it still won't that won't tell you much, but if
    it does make post, then you can be pretty sure your PSU isn't big enough.

    I bought 3 (long story) cheap PSU's and I tested all three with my system.


    Wes Newell, Oct 17, 2004
  4. Xinos

    Phillip Parr Guest

    Had the same problem with my kv8-pro. Turns out the problem is simple:

    From the way the motherboard is designed, even when the RAM is securley in
    the slot bows in the middle, so the centre of the RAM stick isn't connected!
    Try supporting the motherboard from underneath and push the RAM firmly down
    in the centre so it goes into the RAM slot.

    That might help!
    Phillip Parr, Oct 17, 2004
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