Buying Backup Motherboard and processor vs new upgrade

Discussion in 'Asus' started by cstoddard, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. cstoddard

    cstoddard Guest

    Currently have A7V8X MB with LAN/Firewire/Audio/Raid/SATA133 -

    I have run this system for 3+ years and upgraded to AMD 2800+XP Socket A
    processor using 1 Gig DDR 400 Ram.

    With programs I'm running, I have been very pleased with system stability
    using striping raid with 2 250 Gig HD's, I have the striped array set up
    with primary partition as Fat32 and the other as NTFS.

    I am using an external HD on the firewire for weekly backups and have
    another firewire external drive for additional storage.

    I found a used A7V8X MB for 50.00 and am considering buying it. I am crazy
    for keeping this system if it fails vs going with the new dual core chips
    and a new motherboard? I have also found another 2800+ XP AMP processor for
    around 40.00 and am considering buying that in event my processor blows.

    Is this the way to go or should I just save up some cash and buy new if this
    system blows. I've never kept a system as long as this one but it still

    Any suggestions?
    cstoddard, Oct 29, 2006
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  2. cstoddard

    Vic Smith Guest

    Your decision would be easier if you could buy a new spare board.
    The longevity of a used MB is more questionable.
    I did something similar in buying an extra new P4P800 SE to serve as a
    backup for my current identical system. I did this essentially to
    provide a second system that I could move to in the matter of an hour
    or so, and to continue using my AGP card. But it is not sitting idle
    and is being used by my wife with lesser CPU, memory and graphics.
    I don't believe keeping an unused MB on hand is a good investment,
    but you might.
    If I couldn't get a *new* spare MB, I would build a new modern system.
    Not because the new system performance is better, but because once
    a MB and CPU is a few generations behind the times, the hassle of
    finding reliable replacements is heavier than the expense of moving up
    to more modern components.

    Vic Smith, Oct 29, 2006
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  3. cstoddard

    GHalleck Guest

    Excellent advice. There is no point in getting a "spare" system
    and have it sit idle. Under this circumstance, it would be better
    to wait and build a new system, when the time arises.
    GHalleck, Oct 30, 2006
  4. cstoddard

    Guest Guest

    Seems a bit silly to dump $100 on an obsolete backup system when the stuff you
    are now running will probably run forever_ If the board has lasted 3 years it
    seems unlikely it will crap out suddenly for no reason. (hopefully that 2800+
    wasn't some used pos from sources unknown)

    Beside_ buying used crap that someone may have abused is almost always a waste
    of money. 90% of the people out there have no clue how to properly handle
    motherboards or processors. For that matter many of sleaze dealers you see at
    computer shows are just as ignorant. (ever see parts with tags held on by
    regular scotch-tape? can you say ESD?) There is no way you could get me to pay a
    dime for a processor or MB that some ignoramus zapped without even realizing it.
    Put your $100 into a savings account and start adding to it for a new system.
    Keep adding until you have about a grand then toss this stuff out or pass it on
    or make a cheap server out of it to run a firewall or whatever_
    Guest, Oct 30, 2006
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