Cable/motherboard issue. Any advise to solution?

Discussion in 'MSI' started by hysandrew, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. hysandrew

    hysandrew Guest

    OK. I've now resorted to the fact that my current motherboard is DEAD
    (MSI 925XE Neo Platinum), I've started to look for another one. Problem
    is though that ideally I would like one with 2 IDE's, but these are
    very rare as far as I can tell. Most boards have 1 IDE, and 1 EIDE.
    Can I use a normal IDE cable 2 drive a drive plugged into an EIDE?
    If not is there any cables that can be purchased that can solve this?
    Again if not, can a DVD drive be fitted to a SATA drive?
    The reason why I'm asking these questions is that the DVD re-writers
    that I have are Sony AW-G170A and it clearly states on the box
    But I don't want to lose the CD-rewriters that I have already.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Also any help to which would be a better motherboard costing no more
    than approx £100.
    It needs to be compatable with the following as I don't wanna spend
    more money to update other items:-
    533Mhz 512Gb DDRII
    LGA775 socket (Pentium D 945)
    IDE X 2
    SATA (at least 2)
    PCI-E slot

    Many thanks everyone!
    hysandrew, Jan 22, 2007
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