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CALL FOR PAPERS. Special Issue: Operational Control of Wafer Production. Production Planning & Contr

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Rubén Ruiz, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. Rubén Ruiz

    Rubén Ruiz Guest

    Special Issue:
    Operational Control of Wafer Production
    Production Planning & Control

    The Production Planning & Control: The Management of
    Operations international journal plans to publish a special issue
    on Operational Control of Wafer Production.

    Semiconductors have made their way into mostly all aspects of
    everyone's daily life. From spacecrafts to portable multimedia
    devices, semiconductors have transformed the world considerably
    since the invention of the transistor back in 1948. This reflects on
    the enormous importance of the semiconductor sector whose sales are
    expected at the level of more than 214 billion american dollars in
    year 2004. A growth of arround 28.6% with regards year 2003
    (Semiconductor Industry Association, http://www.sia-online.org).

    Manufacturing of semiconductors starts with the production of wafers
    which are mainly made from silicon substrates. The production of
    VLSI products and more specifically, processor chips, greatly depend
    on the chemical purity and near-perfect crystalline properties of
    wafers. Therefore, the production of silicon wafers has achieved a
    high degree of intricacy with many complex phases like raw material
    refining, silicon ingot growing, peripheral grinding, ingot slicing
    into wafers, wafer beveling, lapping and etching, heat treatment,
    polishing, ultra-pure water cleaning and finally, inspection,
    packaging and shipping. The margins of chip manufacturing companies
    greatly depend on yields which are a function of the semiconductor
    die geometry, size and also of the wafer diameter and purity.
    Defects on wafers translate into lower yields of the final chips and
    thus the importance of an accurate control in the wafer production.

    This special issue will give the opportunity of putting together
    high-quality papers in the area of production control with special
    emphasis on wafer production. Examples of the subject matter of the
    papers include, but are not limited to, the following:

    - Comprehensive reviews and surveys that give an integrated
    view of the past and present contributions in the operational
    control aspects of wafer production with insight on
    the future research needs.

    - Development of appropriate tools and techniques for solving
    various arising the planning, scheduling and control of wafer

    - Application papers (i.e., actual or potential applications of
    operational control techniques to wafer production as a whole or to
    of its phases).

    - Description and evaluation of software packages available
    to solve operational control problems in wafer production.

    All manuscripts will be promptly and carefully referred to
    be published in late 2005 or early 2006. Authors should adhere to
    Instructions for Authors for the Production Planning &
    Control journal available at the url
    http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/authors/tppcauth.asp when
    preparing their manuscripts that should be submitted
    electronically in PS, PDF or DOC formats to one of the
    following guest editors of this special issue no later than
    January 20, 2005:

    Dr. Jatinder N. D. Gupta
    College of Administrative Science
    University of Alabama in Huntsville
    Hunstville, Al 35899, USA
    Tel: (256)-824-6593

    Dr. Ruben Ruiz Garcia
    Depart. de Estadistica e Investigacion Operativa Aplicadas y Calidad
    Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
    Camino de Vera s/n (Edificio I-3)
    Valencia, 46021, Spain
    Tel: (+34)-96-387-70-07, 74946
    Rubén Ruiz, Jul 26, 2004
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