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Can anyone give me an overview of the IBM Thinkpad (T, X, R and G) ranges?!

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by Shiperton Henethe, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. Hi

    Can anyone give me an overview of the IBM Thinkpad range?

    I've been looking at the IBM website and find it all totally confusing!
    What's *real* the difference between the
    ThinkPad T, X, R, and G ranges?!

    We are trying to some laptops to put into an auction
    primarily targetting affluent businessmen...

    But it's so hard to drill down to find weights and prices and
    docking station capabilities etc on IBM's website.

    And what pray is difference between ThinkPad "T41p" ThinkPad "T41"?

    Shiperton Henethe

    (P.S. I did try and post a similar question but it doesn seem
    to have made it to the newsgroup for some reason... Apologies
    if this is a bit of a repeat posting! )
    Shiperton Henethe, Feb 5, 2004
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  2. Shiperton Henethe

    John Harlow Guest

    Let me guess... you only accept Western Union wire transfers as payment,
    John Harlow, Feb 5, 2004
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  3. Credit cards to pay for small administration fee
    (bids are NOT binding).

    Then cheques, bankers drafts, wire transfers to pay for
    the goods. Things usually go for pretty healthy discounts...

    (In fact would give you the URL but someone might complain
    I was advertising.)

    Shiperton Henethe, Feb 6, 2004
  4. Shiperton Henethe

    John Harlow Guest

    In other words, you only accept an unsecure payment method.
    In other other words, you are a scammer.
    Or be onto your scam and contact your ISP.
    John Harlow, Feb 6, 2004
  5. Are you serious?

    If you are honestly thinking this, I find it
    interesting because I can only assume others
    are likely to be thinking the same thing...
    And we may need to rectify this.

    No, it turns out that we are not "scamming" anyone
    (If we were "a scammer" we wouldnt be allowed to
    have our promotional literature on board
    British Airways, Virgin Altantic, EasyJet and BMI

    But I find your comments strange:
    Our Lot items are worth an average of over 1,000GBP
    so clearly paying for that with a credit card
    would be a) expensive and b) unacceptably highly
    risky from our point of view.

    Let's face it no one is going to let you walk off
    with a 4grand plasma TV, nor drive away in a new
    Mini Cooper... using a credit card (which can
    be charged-back)!

    But unlike most B2C auctions our bidding is *not* binding.
    However someone has to pay for the hassle of contacting
    all the winners. We thus have a small entry fee.
    This also helps elimanate time-wasters.

    Yes for everyone's convenience we do accept
    credit cards for entry fees to make
    sure YOU are serious! The cost is not high
    (GBP 5.00 to place a single bid) but there is a
    discount structure whereby it's less than
    GBP 25.00 to bid on all 30 Lots in our (monthly)

    Our auctions contain about 30 different Lots each
    month but we save our customers an average of over
    GBP 100,000 per auction vs. RRP. So we must be doing
    something right... and we are definitely not a scam!

    No matter, I am interested in your feedback:

    How would you prefer to see to us payments structured?

    See above.

    Shiperton Henethe
    Shiperton Henethe, Feb 6, 2004
  6. Shiperton Henethe

    John Harlow Guest

    But I find your comments strange:
    If you are so reputible, what form of payment protection do you offer for
    the customer, and what is your website?
    John Harlow, Feb 6, 2004
  7. Sorry, call me dumb, but I'm not quite sure what
    exactly you mean by "Payment protection"?
    And what specific payment protection
    systems would you ideally like to see?

    I won't mention our website by name for fear of
    being flamed for advertising on this newsgroup!
    But it is a sealed-bid auction based in the UK.

    Shiperton Henethe
    Shiperton Henethe, Feb 9, 2004
  8. Shiperton Henethe

    John Harlow Guest

    If you are so reputable, what form of payment protection do you offer
    Maybe you're really young or naive or both, so I will play along. "Payment
    Protection" is some recourse for the buyer in the event a seller
    misrepresents themselves.
    I can get my money back if you send me an empty box, for example.

    Credit cards, paypal and escrow services all offer payment protection. You
    have coincidentally omitted those safe methods of payment.
    I, being suspicious of your validity, have requested specific information.
    I don't think a reasonable person would object to you posting a link to your
    site. You, by failing to post any means to verify your business, only
    reassure my doubts.
    John Harlow, Feb 9, 2004
  9. Sorry for delay. Been too busy to chat.

    With so many fraudulent credit card users I believe we
    are not authorised to accept payment by credit card for
    over GBP300.

    I guess for larger sums of money say over GBP 5000,
    if the user wanted to use use ESCROW we could set
    something up, however at present we dont accept ESCROW nor PAYPAL
    due to the costs involved. The trouble is that we operate
    on an extremely tight margins - passing on the savings
    to the customer. And the administrative time and hassle
    not to mention the %age cut of the Payment Protection
    service would probably put us into loss. I guess if the
    user REALLY wanted to use some form of ESCROW *and* was
    prepared to pay for it then we could set something up.

    However you raise an interesting thought though and
    we shall be reviewing this later.

    If it becomes apparent that this is a concern for a significant
    number of visitors and that conversion rates are
    significantly affected by our lack of this service,
    we should definitely reconsider this.

    Meanwhile, would the following (true) statements suggested
    by our CEO inserted onto our home page allay
    any of your fears?

    "We were formed in 2001, have regularly had our brochures
    inserted into three major UK airlines, have had over 130,000 bids
    placed, have had over 3,500 winning bidders and you can
    see the results on the results pages.

    We publish our address and we answer the phone if you
    ring it and if they are not comfortable with what
    you have seen and found out about us, please do not
    take part, but if you would like to talk to any of us
    about how it works, just give us a ring."

    We have offices in both Warwickshire and London, UK.

    I should mention that the views expressed here are
    my informal personal views and not the formal views
    or opinions of the company!

    Shiperton Heneth
    Shiperton Henethe, Feb 13, 2004
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