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Can drop-down menus drop to the left instead of the right?

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by oopman2002, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. oopman2002

    oopman2002 Guest

    An annoying thing I've noticed is that when you are selecting from a
    menu, the drop-down menus drop to the right, right under my hand! Is
    there any way to tell menus to drop to the left side for right-handed
    users? I guess this is one case when it pays to be a lefty :)

    As a Windows programmer, I know this is the standard way and I've never
    seen this option but maybe it exists.

    How do others deal with this or do you live with your hand curved
    around to expose the menu?
    oopman2002, Jan 27, 2006
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  2. oopman2002

    Chris H. Guest

    As far as I know, the menu appears in relation to where you're selecting the
    items, not always on the right. Scoot your Windows Explorer, for instance,
    to the right horizontally so all you see is the folder in which you're going
    to drop a file in the left pane, and the file you're selecting in the right
    with all the other attributes, etc., slightly hidden off-screen to the
    right. The menu will then appear on the left side where there's screen

    We've got to remember, a lot the behavior of these items are inherited from
    years of desktop-only use, and have never been adjustable for "handedness"
    which appears so often on a Tablet PC.
    Chris H., Jan 27, 2006
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  3. It's a system-wide setting. But unfortunately, not all applications
    recognize it. But Office applications do, and I know any applications built
    on the .NET Framework *can* honor it if they look for the setting and set
    the appropriate properties. I actually filed it as a bug because I think the
    framework itself should be setting the menu alignment for you based on that
    property. Unfortunately they didn't feel the same.


    Josh Einstein
    Einstein Technologies
    Microsoft Tablet PC MVP
    Tablet Enhancements for Outlook 2.0 - Try it free for 14 days
    Josh Einstein, Jan 27, 2006
  4. oopman2002

    oopman2002 Guest

    You're right and I probably should have mentioned it but my point was
    that all things considered, sub-menus will drop down to the right
    assuming there is enough room on the display.

    My point was that when you select a sub-menu from a higher-level-menu,
    it should drop down to the left for right-handed people (assuming there
    is enough space to show it).

    It would not be hard to fix (for Microsoft) as you could just add a
    property to the menu class that would tell the draw event to draw to
    the left instead of the right. I don't think it would break existing
    applications as they would just ignore the property. For tablet users,
    you could modify the left-hand and right-hand setup section to enable
    the question about where to put menus.
    oopman2002, Jan 27, 2006
  5. oopman2002

    oopman2002 Guest

    Josh, Thanks for your reply and I'll file that away as I didn't realize
    the option existed.

    oopman2002, Jan 27, 2006
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