Can I run IDE Drives and SATA Drives Together?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by JohnSmith, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. JohnSmith

    JohnSmith Guest

    I have an ASUS P4S8X motherboard and have been running a 80GB IDE
    drive (partitioned into C: and D: drives). I bought a SATA 200GB
    drive thinking that I can run both tyeps of drives simultaneously,
    keeping the IDE drive as my bootable drive running Windows XP. I have
    headers on the motherboard for a primary UltraDMA 133 IDE, a secondary
    UltraDMA 133 IDE, a primary ATA133, a primary SATA, and a secodary
    SATA. The P4S8X manual says that I can run a RAID using both the ATA
    IDE and the SATA drives together, but makes no mention of running the
    UltraDMA133 IDE simultaneously with SATA.

    I was hoping to run the SATA as an additional drive to store data on,
    keeping the primary UltraDMA 133 as my boot device (so that I don't
    have to spend the better part of a weekend building a new drive with
    the OS and all my applications. Is there any hope for me?
    JohnSmith, Nov 5, 2004
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  2. JohnSmith

    C.Read Guest

    Yes this is not a problem, my setup incorporates IDE drives and SATA drives,
    as follows.

    on PROMISE RAID (not VIA, obviously you'll have a P4 board equivalent)
    SATA1 = 40GB Raptor (C:)
    SATA2 = 200GB Maxtor (D:)

    IDE Primary Master = 120GB Maxtor (E:)
    IDE Secondary Master / Slave = DVD and DVD/RW

    In my case I use the SATA 1 for boot up, which requires the driver disk
    during the windows install process. It is important to set up the Array for
    the SATA drive in the RAID BIOS though or the drive won't be seen by windows
    (check your manual). I connect my SATAs to the PROMISE RAID, and not the VIA
    (you'll have an equivalent P4 board RAID option I expect) as the Promise
    RAID supports RAID 0+1, which allows me to have the drives seen seperately.
    I would install the drive on the Promise RAID if it were me, once installed
    and setup, it's a matter of drivers, then partioning and formatting in

    But if I can run my setup, I don't see any reason why you can't run yours!

    C.Read, Nov 5, 2004
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  3. While I am using a K8V in lieu of the P4S8X and dont know
    about that board, but I do know that SATA and IDE drives
    will run together.....(tho I dont know a whole lot about RAID
    setups), My current config is:
    Drive C: Partition one of WDC Raptor 74 gig Sata (on SATA 1)
    Drive D: Segate 80 gig Sata (on SATA 2)
    Drive E: Seagate 60 gig IDE (IDE 1 Master)
    Drive F: Seagate 120gig IDE (IDE 1 Slave)
    Drive G: Partition two of the WDC Raptor (on Sata 1)
    Drive H: Pioneer 108 DVDRW (IDE 2 Master)
    Drive I: Pioneer 106 DVDRW (IDE 2 Slave)

    Initially, I was using the IDE's to boot off of, and only had
    (and used) the one 80 gig sata for storage but recently
    had purchased the Raptor, and hence made the Sata my
    Boot (C) drive. I am NOT running any sort of RAID config,
    and am using the two SATA's as independent drives. (using
    the VIA Sata drivers, never figured out how to accomplish
    this set up with the Promise Controller)

    Now all I have to decide for my next project is I am going
    to get a bigger Harddrive in the future .... either a 250gig
    or a 400gig .....but, I still need to decide if I should make it
    a Sata (and replace the 80 gig sata) or an IDE (and replace
    the 60gig IDE) While I know this motherboard will support
    a fifth harddrive, and I am sure my powersupply (Antec 550w)
    will power it, there simply isn't any more room inside the case
    for a FIFTH harddrive. (Funny tho, the case does have two
    places for two additional Optical Drives, but I sure dont ever anticipate
    needing 2 MORE CD/DVDRW drives)
    Mark Timerding, Nov 5, 2004
  4. JohnSmith

    WoofWoof Guest


    What OS are you using, and when you changed boot drives did you have
    to re-install the OS or is there a way to transfer the existing
    WoofWoof, Nov 5, 2004
  5. I am using Windows XP Pro (now with sp2) .... I did a complete
    reinstall of everything, as I had changed the motherboard (to the Asus
    K8V at the time) along with the new Raptor drive for booting.....
    Prior to this, when I was using a sata drive as data storage only
    (and only one drive) I had been using an Asus A7N8X motherboard) ...
    (also, I did use the F6 option at the install of Windows to load the
    VIA Sata drivers)
    Mark Timerding, Nov 5, 2004
  6. JohnSmith

    LeeBos Guest

    Subject: Re: Can I run IDE Drives and SATA Drives Together?
    Mine is XP Pro. It can be done using Norton Ghost, Acronis True Image or a
    similar program. Make a backup image, put in the new drive, take out the old
    drive temporarily, put in the new drive and config the bios to boot from it
    then restore the Ghost image to it.
    You may be asked to reactivate windows, I was when I went from IDE to SATA RAID
    LeeBos, Nov 6, 2004
  7. JohnSmith

    WoofWoof Guest

    See, this is where I start to lose it. This would be standard
    procedure if swapping an ide for another ide drive. But Windows AFAIK
    needs a driver to be loaded to run SATA drives which you would
    normally install (on a fresh OS install) by pressing F6 during the
    install. If the OS is simply copied over from the ide, the driver
    isn't available and Windows, I should think, would barf.

    Or am I all wet? Is it only pre-XP windows that need the driver
    WoofWoof, Nov 6, 2004
  8. JohnSmith

    Rob Guest

    Install/Copy the SATA driver files into a directory on the IDE drive and
    hook the blank SATA Drive to the system. Windows should give the "Found
    New Hardware" wizard. Point it to the location where you've put the
    SATA drivers and it will install them. That way the driver is installed
    to the OS while still on the IDE. To make it your primary drive, Ghost
    everything to the SATA, remove the IDE and upon boot, the OS will grab
    the driver and off you go. If you want to use the SATA as a secondary
    drive then just partition and format it using utilities included in
    Windows. HTH.
    Rob, Nov 6, 2004
  9. JohnSmith

    WoofWoof Guest

    Ah ... that makes sense! Now I get it.

    Thanks, Rob
    WoofWoof, Nov 6, 2004
  10. JohnSmith

    LeeBos Guest

    Subject: Re: Can I run IDE Drives and SATA Drives Together?
    Rob is correct, sorry I forgot to mention that you had to load the drivers
    LeeBos, Nov 7, 2004
  11. JohnSmith

    Harry Putnam Guest

    Not to derail this thread but:
    Can you elaborate a little on what you mean about the `requires a
    driver disk' part?

    I'm running 2 SATA and 1IDE [no raid config] (its on K8V SE mobo).
    I've had some problems switching my OS from 1SATA to 1IDE, although it
    did boot in either place. sometimes it seems the boot sequence
    doesn't see the SATA drives until booted. I've used no special
    drivers at boot up but maybe that is the problem...
    Harry Putnam, Nov 10, 2004
  12. JohnSmith

    Harry Putnam Guest


    Rob, Are these drivers something that comes with the drives or
    something winxp has on the cd.... I have 2 SATA drives installed on
    K8V SE mobo, on sata1 and sata2 (both masters) [no raid]. And an IDE
    on IDE1 [also master].

    I didn't get any drivers but these were installed in a shop onto this
    system. They are WD200gb sata ... maybe I can get the drivers you
    mention from the website?

    I can boot an os on sata1 or ide1 but don't do anything about special

    It seems like ghosting stuff across would have some problems too, and
    I think I may be having them....
    Harry Putnam, Nov 10, 2004
  13. JohnSmith

    Rob Guest

    I know the SATA drivers are on the disk that comes packed with ASUS
    boards that have nVidia chip sets. I would suspect the same with their
    VIA boards. If not, the Promise driver for SATA/RAID is on the ASUS web
    site. If a partition is ghosted from the IDE and the driver has not
    been installed then things will probably hang when you attempt to boot
    from the SATA drive!! I had no problem using Ghost to transfer my
    system from IDE to SATA, nor did I need to add any special drivers for
    that process.
    Rob, Nov 10, 2004
  14. JohnSmith

    mike Guest

    I have a P4S8X and have been running a single IDE drive for a couple
    years. Now I want to install a single 250 GB SATA drive as extra
    storage but I can't get the system to see the hard drive. I have
    installed the updated Promise drivers and IDE drivers for Win XP but I
    can't even get the FastTrack Utility to come up by hitting Ctrl-F -
    FastTrack doesn't even see the drive connected. To make it worse, when
    the drive is connected (to controller and power) my system grinds to a
    crawl even though the drive isn't recognized in either the BIOS or in
    Windows. Once I disconnect power from the drive everything goes back
    to normal.

    I'm wondering if I have a defective drive, but I have no way of using
    Maxtor's diag tool since it supposedly won't recognize any drive
    connected to an onboard controller. Does anyone have any similar
    experience to mine? Am I missing some necessary item/action to get
    this drive recognized and installed? PLEASE HELP!


    mike, Jan 5, 2005
  15. JohnSmith

    Dick Guest

    Had the4 same issue of adding another hd and not having XP recognize it. Got
    a copy of Boot IT (freware program for single user). Booted from it and then
    told it to check the drives; saw the ne one; told it to format that drive;
    rebooted into XP; went to My Computer and it saw the drive; clicked on the
    drive and it asked if windows should format it? (yes). Drive is now usable.

    Dick, Jan 6, 2005
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