Can I run PCI-E and Sata on an ASUS P5VD2MX/S775 ?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Stuart, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Stuart

    Stuart Guest

    I have recently bought an ASUS P5VD2MX with a SATA hard drive and PCI-E
    graphics card (see below for full specification).

    However, with both the PCI-E graphics card and Sata hard drive connected
    the system refuses to post. Without the PCI-E graphics card, the system
    will boot happily using the on-board VGA. The manual for the
    motherboard states that "the PCI-E and e-SATA cannot be used

    Is there any way I can get my motherbard to support both PCI-E and SATA
    ? I was not made aware of this limitation when I bought the
    motherboard, and I feel it is reasonable to expect that a motherboard
    with SATA and PCI-E slots should support both at the same time.

    If there is no way to get both to work together, what is my best option
    (short of attempting to return the motherboard) ? I am considering:

    - buying a PCI SATA card, and running the hard drive off this. The
    downside is that this would take up my one remaining PCI slot.

    - buying a PCI graphics card. Again, this would take up my one
    remaining PCI slot.

    - ditch my PCI firewire card, and buy a card that supports both firewire
    and SATA such as this: This
    would then leave one PCI slot free.

    Any other ideas ? Any experience of, or alternative to, the SIIG
    Firewire/SATA combo ?



    Intel OEM 945 Pentium-D 3.4GHz
    Akasa AK955 S775 HSF OEM
    512M DDR2 533 PC4200 CL4 x 2
    200G Maxtor SATA2 6V200E0
    Startech 2 Port PCI Firewire D
    Connect3D ATI Radeon X300SE 12
    Hiper Power 530W 12v Low Noise
    Stuart, Sep 16, 2006
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