Can I use onboard sound plus a sound card at the same time?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Old Bugger, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. Old Bugger

    Old Bugger Guest

    Can I attach my front audio connectors to the onboard sound on my A8V and still use my Audigy sound card to
    power my speakers or does the presence of a sound card automatically over ride the onboard sound?

    Old Bugger, Jun 3, 2005
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  2. Old Bugger

    milleron Guest

    The onboard sound should be disabled in order to use the Audigy.

    Windows, any version, can use only one sound playback and recording
    device at a time.

    My Audigy's four years old, so there might have been something new,
    but I don't think Audigy cards have Intel-standard connectors for the
    front-panel jacks.

    milleron, Jun 4, 2005
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  3. Old Bugger

    peterk Guest

    It is possible to use 2 sound cards in a system with the proper settings in
    the BIOS.
    XP will only use one sound card as the default...but you can get certain
    programs to use the non-default sound card if they have the proper
    settings.For example you could get the 2nd sound card to play TV if your
    capture card is hooked to it and certain settings are changed in XP.
    But again only one card will work at a you cannot hook speakers to
    both and expect to get quadraphonic sound
    peterk, Jun 4, 2005
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