can not boot up KT8NEO MS- 6702 ver 1.0

Discussion in 'MSI' started by patrick miniaci, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. can not boot up KT8NEO MS- 6702 ver 1.0

    starts to boot, gets as far as press F1, after this bios scren comes
    up then shut down occurs.

    turn power off. turn on same thing.

    new build with these components:
    amd 64, 3400+ cpu
    zalman cnps7000a cpu cooler
    western digital raptor 74gb, sata
    kingston hyperx 512 ddr pc4000
    msi fx5900-vtd geforce fx5900 graphics card

    might be need oem cooler that came with cpu?

    strange as all case fans, cpu fan and video card fans run.

    stumped. anyone have similar problem and have a possible solution?

    Thanks in advance.

    antec sonata case
    patrick miniaci, Oct 16, 2004
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  2. patrick miniaci

    Me Guest

    I just built a machine around the same mobo without a hitch, except I
    neglected to turn the secondary USB ports on.

    What you describe, especially since it prompts you for the F1 key, is
    a problem with your BIOS setup. My first guess would be a memory
    problem. You might try your memory in another machine, or try
    different memory in this machine.

    Since you get at least some video, I would discount a video problem.

    I used the OEM cooler, but I see lots of posts where people use
    others, especially the Zalman, so I doubt that's the problem.

    Then again, I'm such a technowizard that I didn't test all the USB
    ports before delivering a machine 100 miles away from home.

    Good Luck, CJon
    Me, Oct 16, 2004
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  3. I had similar problems. From what I can tell, it was a memory issue. I had
    to lower the memclock setting down to DDR333, set CAS to 3, and one of the
    TRCD/TRAS/TRP (I forget which one) at 5. I had bought the PC3200 ram from
    Crucial, who said on their web site that it was OK to use with this MB. But
    the Crucial sticks were not on the MSI certified list for the 6702. I
    remember reading somewhere that the 754 pin CPU was engineered when the
    fastest memory spec was PC2700 (or DDR333). I think that the memory
    controller on the AMD 64 is integrated in the CPU itself. So maybe it was
    never meant by AMD to go faster. On the other hand, I know that there are
    many users who run DDR400 with no problems. Maybe they are using slightly
    better DDR than I am. Anyway, DDR333 seems to work for me.
    John McDonnell, Oct 23, 2004
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