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Can Not find PCMCIA CD to install windows please help :(

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by hello, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. hello

    hello Guest

    Hello all.
    I am trying to reload windows 98 onto my compaq Armada 7800 using the
    Panasonic PCMCIA Cd Rom drive (kxl-807a).
    What I have done so far.
    I have installed a new hard drive.
    I fdisk'ed it
    I formated the drive
    I created the config.sys and the autoexec files
    Installed the dos driver but still I can not get the pcmcia port to read
    before the error
    "card service not loaded ."
    "driver unloaded."......

    I am currently formating the hard drive to start from scratch as I am not
    getting anywhere with what was explained above.
    All I want to do is install windows any advice is very much
    hello, Jun 26, 2003
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  2. hello

    Gary Tait Guest

    Yuo need dos drivers for the PC-Card slots (called card services) run
    before you load drivers for the card.
    Gary Tait, Jun 26, 2003
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  3. Getting the CD-ROM to work under DOS is going to be quite difficult
    unless you have a "point solution driver" for the CD-ROM itself (this
    would have come with the drive, it's unique to the drive and there is no
    substitute). Loading and configuring socket services is very difficult.

    I'd take another approach, a better approach, in fact. Get back to
    where you were (hard drive FDISK'ed, Formatted and bootable to a C:\
    prompt). Forget about the CD-ROM drive. What you want to do is to get
    the \Win98 folder from the CD onto the hard drive of the laptop. The
    easiest way to do this, in many cases, is with a parallel port Iomega
    Zip drive. These are common enought that you can usually borrow one if
    you don't have one yourself. Copy the \Win98 folder to a Zip disk (it
    MAY take two), then connect the Zip drive to the laptop using the
    "Guest" software utility to "install" it (this is non-permanent and does
    not require modifying any system files). Copy the \Win98 folder to the
    hard drive from the Zip Disk(s) using "XCOPY". Install 98 from the hard
    drive, not from any external storage device.

    It's also possible to support an Ethernet network connection from
    MS-DOS, and this is still easier than dealing with a PC Card CD-ROM
    drive in MS-DOS. You can get boot floppies from various online boot
    disk sources (try www.bootdisk.com). The objective would be the same,
    that is to copy \Win98 from the CD (mounted on another computer) to the
    hard drive of the laptop. You'd need a PC Card Ethernet adapter and a
    working network.
    Barry Watzman, Jun 26, 2003
  4. hello

    Stomvi Guest

    I had this same problem with a friend's thinkpad a year ago. You have to
    have "card services" running before you can load the pcmcia drivers in dos.
    Here's a boot disk from IBM that does that:


    Try this disk, and if it doesn't work, put in the pcmcia drivers you need
    on the disk instead. (Don't know if these drivers are ibm specific or not.)
    Good luck!

    Stomvi, Jun 26, 2003
  5. hello

    Stomvi Guest

    It's also possible to support an Ethernet network connection from
    True, but networking sucks in DOS also. Good luck man!

    Stomvi, Jun 26, 2003
  6. dos.

    Nope. No card services are necessary here. Panasonic supplies a point
    enabler for the drive (the PCMCIA card, to be precise). It's all documented
    in the driver package for the drive:

    Johnnie Leung, Jun 27, 2003
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