Can you add a second HD to a 2400?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Bruce K., Mar 4, 2004.

  1. Bruce K.

    Bruce K. Guest


    Bruce K., Mar 4, 2004
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  2. Yes, but you will need to buy a special bracket from Dell parts to do it.
    Edward J. Neth, Mar 4, 2004
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  3. you need a bracket that piggy backs on the existing hard disk drive bracket
    (part number 0t962) and a new data cable. the data cable in the system only
    supports a single drive. the cable that comes with your new drive will
    probably support two drives and work fine. order the bracket from dell
    spare parts 800-879-3355. i have four on order since january but they keep
    delaying the ship date. in the mean time i just have the drives standing on
    end inside the case in essentially the same spot that they will eventually
    be mounted.
    Christopher Muto, Mar 4, 2004
  4. Bruce K.

    BT Guest

    Won't an external USB hard drive work with the 2400?

    BT, Mar 4, 2004
  5. Bruce K.

    joe_tide Guest

    joe_tide, Mar 4, 2004
  6. i suppose if you are in a hurry you could buy from them and pay their $24.99
    plus shipping price. dell's price is just $9.95 plus tax and the don't
    charge shipping. but, like i said, mine have been on backordered for two
    months, and the order has been canceled twice. then again my current
    special 'reseller' rep at dell is kind of a flake (they seem to have a
    revolving door in that place) and it might be that he accidentally or
    deliberately canceled my order cause i canceled a separate large order since
    it was still in production ten days after it was placed (and he promised it
    would go the next day)... pick your evil.
    Christopher Muto, Mar 5, 2004
  7. Bruce K.

    joe_tide Guest

    The one from Dell is just the bracket isn't it? No screws, cable, or

    I don't know - just wondering.
    joe_tide, Mar 5, 2004
  8. right. but the new drives usually come with a data cable that supports two
    drives as well as four mounting screws. you do need two screws to mount the
    bracket. you could either go to a hardware store and get them, or simply
    take one from of the for screws from each of the drives and use them to
    mount the cage. or you could pay the additional $15 for that other bracket
    and essentially buy two screws for a price that only halliburton would
    consider to be a fair ;)
    Christopher Muto, Mar 5, 2004
  9. Bruce K.

    joe_tide Guest

    LOL Good one.

    joe_tide, Mar 5, 2004
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