Cannot boot from secondary hard disk (bios setup)

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by Ian, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. Ian

    Ian Guest


    I have a Presario 2276, it has been functioning well.
    I did post a message here in about Feb. 2003 about looking how to
    upgrade the PC, I did a few things to it, placed a 4 USB 2.0 card, and
    placed 256 & 64 MB memory cards in. This all worked well, and it has
    worked well.

    The problem I have now is that I have another hard disk 6.4 GB which I
    want to boot from. To check the disk out I run the tools to check
    sectors and such, all seems to be OK.

    When I place the hard disk as the secondary master, the bios
    recognises it and windows 98 can recognise it. I can write to it and
    it is allocated as D: in windows 98.

    In the bios (phoenix) there is the option to set boot device priority,
    I have set this to Floppy, then CD, then hard disk. the other setting
    is what the bios will check, to boot from first. I set this to the
    disk that is on the secondary IDE (i.e. new disk) then the primary IDE
    (i.e. old disk), then external add on card, but for some reason it
    ignores this and always boots from the primary IDE (old disk), then
    resets the bios settings to boot from the primary, then secondary.

    I have even swapped the cables and made the new disk the primary and
    the old disk the secondary. The new disk then boots the machine and I
    am able to use the now disk on the machine, and access the old disk.
    When I try to change to bios to boot from the old disk, it still boots
    from the new disk, this makes the problem consistent, and not really
    problem with the new disk (you would think).

    I have tried changing the settings on the hard disk to run as masters,
    then slaves, then as cable select, but there still is no joy.

    I have placed the two disks on the primary IDE one as master, the
    other as slave, but still no joy.

    It seems that there is a bios setting here that I am not aware of, but
    I think I have tried all possible settings here.

    These are the settings that it currently is working under. please note
    that the bios is auto detecting these devices, and they are on 40 pin

    Primary master IDE 4gb (cable select)
    Primary Slave IDE CD (cable select)
    Secondary master IDE 6.4gb (cable select)
    Secondary slave (none)

    Any direction would be useful, I have started to go a bit troppo
    trying to sort this out. What I want here is a dual boot PC, the OS
    will be set on one disk or the other, and the boot sequence is
    determined by the bios.

    Thanks in anticipation, Ian.
    Ian, Jan 4, 2005
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  2. Ian

    Quaoar Guest

    Google: dual boot win98 ; it provides a wealth of references.

    Quaoar, Jan 5, 2005
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