Cannot boot P4C800 Deluxe, cannot get into BIOS, Fatal Error....

Discussion in 'Asus' started by thegroover, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. thegroover

    thegroover Guest


    Can anyone shed any light on this problem?, full description
    below...I'm tending to think the board is seriously faulty, but maybe
    I'm missing something fundamental....any help/suggestions greatl


    Motherboard: Asus P4C800 Deluxe
    Processor: Intel pentium 4 2.8GHz, 533MHz, 512 L2 Cach, 478pin PGA
    Memory: Kingston 512MB, KHX2700K2/512
    HDD: Seagate Barracuda Serial AA 80GB
    Video card: Sapphire ATI Radeon 7000 64MB DDR AGP
    CDROM: Samsung SD-616QBB DVDROM


    Essentially the system doesn't boot and I cannot enter bios - I've
    described the sequence of events below, firstly just powering up and
    secondly powering whilts holding <DEL> to try to access BIOS.....

    On power up,

    1] ASUS welcome screen seen

    2] Then changes to FastTrack Bios screen:
    - FastTrack378 BIOS etc.
    - Scanning IDE Drives.....
    - No drives attached to FastTrack controller,BIOS not installed...

    3] American Megatrends logo
    - Fatal Error...System Halted.

    On power up, holding DEL down in order to enter BIOS:

    1] ASUS welcome screen seen

    2] American Megatrends logo
    - AMI BIOS
    - CPU detected correctly
    - Memory detected correctly

    3] Then changes to FastTrack Bios screen:
    - FastTrack378 BIOS etc.
    - Scanning IDE Drives.....
    - No drives attached to FastTrack controller, BIOS not installed...

    4] Final screen:

    Entering SETUP...
    Press <F8> for BBS POPUP
    DDR Frequency 333MHz, Dual Channel, Linear Mode
    Checking NVRAM...

    512MB OK

    Auto-Detecting Pri Master..ATAPI CD-ROM
    Auto-Detecting 3rd Master..IDE Hard Disk
    Pri Master..SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD-616Q F403
    Ultra DMA Mode-2
    3rd Master: ST380013AS 3.05
    Ultra DMA Mode-5, S.M.A.R.T. Capable and Status OK
    Auto-detecting USB Mass Storage Devices ..
    00 USB mass storage devices found and configured.

    Fatal Error... System Halted.

    Other symptoms are:

    Floppy not detected
    CDROM is detected
    HDD is detected
    Keyboard is detected but inactive i.e. Ctrl-Alt-Del has no effect once
    the 'Fatal Error...' mesage is seen.

    Action taken:
    Floppy and floppy cable replaced - no difference
    Keyboad replaced - no difference
    Video card replaced - no difference
    Can't boot from floppy or flash the bio as floppy does not respond
    thegroover, Dec 21, 2003
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  2. thegroover

    Alan Guest Guest

    Try some alternative memory or one stick at a time.

    Alan Guest, Dec 21, 2003
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  3. thegroover

    GHalleck Guest

    The fourth screen probably provided the hint. There may be a problem
    with the USB port, even though it does detect a device. Is there 1
    beep for the external USB device? Remove the USB external drive (or
    mass storage device). If computer boots, then delete and re-install
    the USB drivers from the P4C800 installation cdrom via Device Manager.
    GHalleck, Dec 21, 2003
  4. thegroover

    Guest Guest


    1) - I had the mouse & the keyboard the wrong way round - and all I got
    was a blank screen, no warning beeps anything.

    2) - a bad memory chip - it would only boot up about 1 in 10 times. I
    pulled the bad chip and it now boots every time

    Guest, Dec 21, 2003
  5. thegroover

    Scott Guest

    Before doing any of the above things, CLEAR THE CMOS!! (Short the bios

    Refer to your manual for procedure. If that does not clear things up, then
    it is most likely bad ram. Could be allot of things really.I'm a comp tech
    that the very first thing id do, SHORT THE CMOS!! Peace

    Scott, Dec 22, 2003
  6. thegroover

    thegroover Guest

    Thanks to all who have replied thus far...I've tried alternating the
    memory sticks but his makes no difference. Also there are no USB
    devices to unplug . Guess I'm still trying to understand why there's
    no message re. FDD not being found.
    thegroover, Dec 22, 2003
  7. thegroover

    me-be-me Guest

    I had a similiar but not exactly the same problem. Fix was to use
    instructions on page 2-19 and CLEAR the RTC RAM. Not sure why this
    helped...but it did the trick!
    me-be-me, Dec 23, 2003
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