Cannot turn on Print Service (spooler)

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Don Phillipson, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Anomaly in Dell DIMM 2400 which will not print at all.
    This is new: only recent change was reorganization
    of accounts for Admin and User (limited).
    1a. Attempt to print gets message Print Spooler is not
    turned on.
    1b. In / Admin Tools / Services, spooler is shown
    stopped. Attempt to turn it on gets Error 1068 -- not
    (yet) found in MS KB.)
    2. Start / Printers is wholly blank, i.e. clicking on
    Add a Printer does nothing (but this window can be
    closed OK.)

    What does this indicate?
    Don Phillipson, Sep 20, 2008
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  2. Don Phillipson

    Ben Myers Guest

    If you are trying to enable the spooler under a non-administrative account, it
    won't happen. Log on as Administrator with full access rights and try.

    .... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Sep 20, 2008
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  3. Don Phillipson

    JayB Guest

    what exactly did you do for "reorganization of accounts"???
    if you just created an account called user, that is fine, if you moved
    folders from the admin folders and stuffed them into the user,
    you could really only do that for the folders undere "my documents"
    and some non-microsoft ones under application.
    the others are more delicate. you should not have moved them.

    if the print spooler service is not running, you will not be able to do
    anything to printers.

    follow ben's advise and start from the admin account and see if it works.

    if it still does not, then put back the folders the way they were,
    else you will have to reinstall your system.
    JayB, Sep 20, 2008
  4. Anomaly in Dell DIMM 2400 which will not print at all.
    Owner was running all the time as Administrator (no pw.)
    I created a User account for her everyday use, cloned to it
    all Docs & Settings of the earlier sole (Admin) account,
    created a new Admin account and cloned to it all Docs &
    Settings from the same file.
    Yes, printer was tested from Admin. account.
    1. /Control Panel / Admin / Services finds Printer Spooler
    function set off. Trying to Start spool function produces
    "Error 1068" (nothing for this in the help file.)

    2. Control Panel / Printers shows wholly blank
    2a. Previously installed printer (Dell printer on Dell PC,
    supplied preconfigured by Dell) does not appear.
    2b. Function /Add a printer does nothing and generates
    error message "Error 1068"

    So I doubt tidying up accounts is the cause -- and
    what does Error 1068 signify. (First listings in MS KB
    appear to concern only applications e.g. Outlook, or Vista,
    not present here.)
    Don Phillipson, Sep 20, 2008
  5. Don Phillipson

    ianto Guest

    Error 1068 means that a service that the print spooler depends on is
    not running. If you do a google search for "print spooler error 1068"
    you will find a lot of help with solving this problem.

    ianto, Sep 20, 2008
  6. Don Phillipson

    Ben Myers Guest

    As another posting stated, Google is your friend, and it turned up

    But you, yourself, may have described the real problem: There appears to be no
    printer. At this point, you may simply have to reinstall the printer drivers.

    In the future, do not mess around moving the entirety of "Documents and
    Settings" for a user. Windows keeps important and often hidden system-level
    information there, and, as you see in the result of your well-meaning work,
    Windows gets itself confused when you do so.

    Normally, it is sufficient to move everything from "My Documents" for a user,
    then drill down to find the Microsoft email data, either Outlook or Outlook
    Express. Microsoft takes pains to hide email In Box, Sent Mail etc fairly well,
    making it vert difficult to move this data between Users on the same computer or
    between computers. You also need to move the "Favorites" folder separately.
    With Microsoft Office products, Office 2000 or later, you also have to reinstall
    the software for each new user added. The reinstallation is a short affair
    using the Office CD(s).

    If you literally "Move"-d the data, rather than "Copy"-ing it, you definitely
    left Windows in a confused state. Copying everything from a user's "Documents
    and Settings" might have achieved the effect you wanted... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Sep 20, 2008
  7. drivers.

    Thanks for the Wiki tip. As it happens I already did this i.e.
    1. as first posted(even when reset in / Properties to start automatically.)
    2. But I did not then reboot (since fiddling between
    courses during dinner i.e. in a hurry.) The Wiki.answers
    article does not specify reboot but it might have enabled
    spooler service.
    3. On next visit, I shall reinstal the printer (via CD autorun
    if / Control Panel / Printers / Add a printer
    remains inert (as yesterday.)

    Only next step would be to reinstal Windows from Dell
    CD, which would first require copying user's documents
    to an external drive, not with me yesterday.
    Don Phillipson, Sep 20, 2008
  8. Don Phillipson

    ianto Guest

    Take a look at this page:

    ianto, Sep 20, 2008
  9. Reinstallation of Dell printer (Lexmark) could not proceed
    since Spooler Service not turned on and could not be
    turned on (Error 1068).

    This (and the MS KB page it cites) solved the problem
    and Dell 910 printer now is printing, after removing sundry
    Registry items and rebooting with Dell printer CD in place.

    But there was one delay since RPC (= Remote Procedure
    Call Locator) service "unavailable" hence new Error 1058.
    In / Admin Tools / Services RPC turned out to be set to Network
    -- no idea why or how, since this standalone PC is not networked.
    But it could be reset to Workstation, when printer installation
    proceeded OK.

    Any ideas how this misconfiguration arose?
    Don Phillipson, Sep 24, 2008
  10. Don Phillipson

    ianto Guest

    Glad to hear that the site I directed you to helped you solve your
    As to the Error 1058 I can't help you with that. There are two
    services that shouldn't be confused. One is called Remote Call
    Procedure and the other is called Remote Call Procedure Locator. If I
    remember correctly RCP is required for many things to work correctly
    but RCP Locator is only required on a network computer (it is used to
    find information on the server). I checked my two PCs and RCP Locator
    is not running on either of them, the service is set to manual start.
    Also, I seem to remember seeing something about Error 1058 occurring
    in relation the Windows update function and there are some viruses
    that play around with RCP Locator. You can probably find more about
    this using Google.

    ianto, Sep 24, 2008
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