Cant boot from Dimension 2400 SYBA SY-VIA-150 PCI SATA /IDE Combo Controller Card, Non Raid

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Edward M, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Edward M

    Edward M Guest

    I installed a Western Digital drive and a SYBA SY-VIA-150 PCI SATA
    /IDE Combo Controller Card, Non Raid to a Dimension 2400. I cannot
    find in the bios to set it to boot any thoughts ?


    Edward M, Mar 6, 2006
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  2. Edward M

    Edward M Guest

    8:55:22 AMSystemWelcome Ed...
    8:55:22 AMSystemConnecting to server. Please wait...
    8:55:22 AMSystemThank you for using Dell Chat, a representative will
    be with you soon.
    8:55:22 AMSystemInitial Question/Comment: I am trying to boot to scsi
    device cannot find that option in Bios menu
    8:55:26 AMSystemYou are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for
    using Dell Chat
    8:55:26 AMSystemConnected with Sandeep_01108539
    8:55:31 AMSandeep_01108539Thank you for contacting Dell Hardware
    Warranty Chat Support. My name is Sandeep_01108539. While I review
    your question, may I know the complete name and telephone number with
    area code, as per our records?
    8:55:53 AMYou
    8:57:01 AMSandeep_01108539Hi, Edward.
    8:57:17 AMSandeep_01108539Thank you for the information.
    8:57:33 AMSandeep_01108539While I review your records, let me inform
    you that you might get an invitation to participate in a survey at the
    end of this session. You would be asked to rate our interaction on a
    scale of 1 to 9 with 9 being the best. In order to participate in the
    survey, you must close the chat by hitting the "EXIT” button. Your
    feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    8:57:41 AMSandeep_01108539Please elaborate on the issue.
    8:58:32 AMYouAm replacing the hard drive, I installed a new SATA drive
    with controller, It will not give the option to boot in the bios
    8:58:58 AMSandeep_01108539Okay.
    8:59:45 AMSandeep_01108539May I know what all option you see in boot
    8:59:56 AMSandeep_01108539Please do not worry I am here to assist you.
    9:00:01 AMYoucdrom and hard disk
    9:00:38 AMSandeep_01108539May I know are you trying to connect a
    second hard drive to this computer?
    9:01:20 AMYouno
    9:01:27 AMYouprimary boot drive
    9:02:10 AMSandeep_01108539Okay.
    9:02:38 AMYouI cloned the original drive
    9:03:28 AMSandeep_01108539Edward, as I understand you are trying to
    connect a SATA hard drive.
    9:03:55 AMYouyes
    9:04:16 AMSandeep_01108539I am sorry we do not have SATA connectors on
    the motherboard.
    9:04:40 AMSandeep_01108539These SATA connectors are required to
    connect SATA hard drives.
    9:05:07 AMYouthats why i installed a pci controller
    9:06:44 AMSandeep_01108539Okay.
    9:07:38 AMSandeep_01108539Are talking about the Raid controller card?
    9:08:04 AMSandeep_01108539Sorry for typo are we talking about raid
    controller card?
    9:08:26 AMYou
    SYBA SY-VIA-150 PCI SATA /IDE Combo Controller Card, Non Raid

    9:08:39 AMSandeep_01108539Okay.
    9:08:48 AMSandeep_01108539Have you bought it from Dell?
    9:09:07 AMYouno
    9:09:15 AMSandeep_01108539Okay.
    9:10:14 AMSandeep_01108539Do you have SATA connector on this card?
    9:10:28 AMSandeep_01108539To connect the SATA drive.
    9:10:44 AMYouyes
    9:11:17 AMSandeep_01108539We can attach the hard drive, using this.
    9:11:37 AMSandeep_01108539However, we need a SATA compatible power
    9:12:13 AMYouIs the power supply not sata compatible ?
    9:12:19 AMYouit works fine as a slave
    9:13:00 AMSandeep_01108539Yes, the power supply is not SATA compatible
    and you need to buy a new one to avoid any further issues.
    9:13:24 AMYouso how can it work as a slave drive ?
    9:13:59 AMSandeep_01108539Well I am saying this to avoid further
    9:15:48 AMYouso it doesnt give the menu option in bios because the
    power supply is not compatible ?
    9:17:12 AMSandeep_01108539The hard drive that you added later is
    connected to a power supply via a power connector.Is that correct?
    9:17:26 AMYouno
    9:17:47 AMYouhard drive connects to pc's power supply
    9:18:03 AMYouthe ser cable connects to pci controller
    9:18:10 AMSandeep_01108539All right.
    9:18:55 AMYouso are there power supply issues ?
    9:19:13 AMSandeep_01108539Do you see the new hard drive in System Set
    up under the Drives option.
    9:19:56 AMYounot when it is the single drive no
    9:20:40 AMSandeep_01108539Ed do you want to have the Sata drive as the
    primary Bootable drive.
    9:20:52 AMYouyes
    9:20:55 AMSandeep_01108539With Windows Xp installed in it.
    9:20:58 AMYouonly drive
    9:21:04 AMYouyes
    9:22:23 AMSandeep_01108539Okay Ed If you look at the motherboard you
    will see that where the IDE hard drive was connected is actually the
    Primary IDE controller.
    9:22:41 AMYouyes
    9:24:56 AMSandeep_01108539The bios of the system is configured in a
    way wherein it will take the boot device from the Primary IDE
    controller or the secondary IDE controller(which is the CDrom
    drives)Floppy drives only.
    9:26:07 AMYou oh it took a long time to get to this
    Edward M, Mar 6, 2006
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  3. Edward M

    Ben Myers Guest

    As the Dell-India support person said, the BIOS has no clue about SATA drives,
    so you can't expect to boot the system from one.

    The Dimension 2400 also needs it stock power supply replaced with a heftier one
    with an SATA power connector.

    Finally, there are some issues with installing XP on an SATA subsystem. When
    the text-mode XP install starts up, one needs to insert a CD containing the
    drivers for an SATA controller... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Mar 6, 2006
  4. Edward M

    Pen Guest

    Go here and read the reviews at Newegg. Very enlightening.
    Seems like booting off it is a problem.
    Pen, Mar 6, 2006
  5. Edward M

    Edward M Guest

    There is a option in the bios to boot to USB, Is it possible to use
    the SATA in a external USB SATA ?
    Edward M, Mar 6, 2006
  6. Edward M

    ric Guest

    I think every one of your points is wrong.
    1) you would expect the RAID controller itself to show up in a post
    BIOS screen to allow you to boot from it. It shouldn't matter if the
    Dell BIOS knows anything about SATA or RAID.
    2) Why do you need a heftier PSU? SATA drives either have a SATA power
    connector, or a PATA (i.e. traditional molex) connector. If his disk
    has the former, an adaptor cable costs pennies and is even bundled with
    a lot of SATA drives. Plus, seeing as he had it working as a slave, I
    don't think that he would have managed this without a power connection.
    3) XP (pre SP2 slipstream) *does* need drivers for SATA booting, but
    these have to be supplied on floppy, by pressing F6 at the point where
    it asks for any storage drivers. You can't use a CD for this.

    Hope this helps correct the FUD around this...
    ric, Mar 6, 2006
  7. Edward M

    Ben Myers Guest

    I haven't seen external SATA->USB boxes yet. One may exist... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Mar 6, 2006
  8. Edward M

    Fixer Guest

    Yep they certainly do exist i bought one off ebay about $35
    Fixer, Mar 6, 2006
  9. Edward M

    Ben Myers Guest

    Then an external SATA-USB case is probably the simplest solution for booting a
    Dimension 2400 from an SATA drive, because the OS would not know it is SATA...
    Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Mar 6, 2006
  10. Edward M

    Jay B Guest

    i agree, cheap card.
    the Op should use a good quality card, like Promise or others.
    cant put in a $10 card and expect it to work.
    Promise works just fine.
    Jay B, Mar 6, 2006
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