Can't boot from SATA II drive on a A8N-Sli Premium MB rev. 1006

Discussion in 'Asus' started by dro, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. dro

    dro Guest

    I am not able to boot from my Western Digital 250 GB 16 MB cache SATA
    II on a A8N-sli Premium mother board with Award 1006 Bios revision. I
    have no trouble booting from a Western Digital 160 GB SATA 150 MB/s
    drive. When I got the new drive I first initialized the drive from
    Windows and installed partitions. I was then able to store files on the
    drive. Then using Drive Image 2002 I made an image of my working XP
    operating system on the new drive. Normally I could boot up from this
    image, as I had done on other SATA drives before, but now at the boot
    it halted with the message Error loading the operating system.

    Next, I used my XP CD to build a new OS on the SATA II drive. I
    selected to reformat the partition and used F6 to install NVidia SATA
    drivers from my ASUS CD. When all the Windows files have been copied,
    the computer needs to reboot to start Windows for the first time. But
    the exact same thing happens at the boot: Error loading operating
    system. Has anybody out there found the cure for this problem? I am not
    using a RAID set, I only want to boot from the faster drive. Please
    help. Would be greatly!!!! appreciated. I have been stuck with this
    problem for about a week with no solution that works yet.
    dro, Apr 15, 2006
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  2. dro

    RonK Guest

    If you have both stat drives still installed - you have to go into bios and
    select the sata drive you want it to boot from.
    RonK, Apr 15, 2006
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  3. dro

    dro Guest

    I have no ide drives installed and I disabled the ide0 port. I only
    have one SATA drive installed at one time (and only on the SATA1 port).
    If I use the WD1600 SATA drive it will boot. If I replace this drive
    with the WD 250G SATA II drive it will not boot. Both have Windows XP
    installed. There are no other differences I can tell.
    dro, Apr 16, 2006
  4. dro

    RonK Guest

    You need to set the jumper on the Sata2 Drive to run at Sata 1 speed. It
    looks like your motherboard does not support Sata2.
    RonK, Apr 16, 2006
  5. dro

    RonK Guest

    I just noticed that you are using the A8N-sli Premium MB. It does support
    sata2 but I think you need to update your bios first.
    RonK, Apr 16, 2006
  6. dro

    dro Guest

    I looked at ASUS web site. The latest non-beta driver is revision 1009.
    I have revision 1006 on my board. Is it safe to update the Bios? I have
    been reluctant to do this because of all the warnings about the board
    becoming unusable if a problem occurs during the flash. They didn't say
    that the newer revisions affected use of SATA II drives; do you think
    it likely it will solve my problem? I only have one SATA II drive so I
    can't try swapping it out. I also can't make a raid 0 set so I don't
    know if that might help the boot problem.

    By the way, I did one time have a raid 0 set on two SATA drives but I
    was afraid that it doubled the risk of data loss and that if something
    happened to one of the hard drives I might lose my data from both
    drives. Therefore, I thought it safer to have a single hard drive. But
    now I have this boot problem, I am wondering if I need to go back to
    the raid 0 solution?
    dro, Apr 18, 2006
  7. dro

    Ray Guest

    I'm using version 1011-006 (beta) without any problems and flashing was
    easy. Just take care that you follow instructions and don't flash during
    a thunderstorm etc.
    Whether it will fix your problem, I don't know.

    Ray, Apr 18, 2006
  8. dro

    F r e e Guest

    On my (hehe) AN8SLI Deluxe the Nvidia SATA part of the A8N supports SATA2,
    not sure about the Silicon part. (4+4 connectors)
    F r e e, Apr 23, 2006
  9. dro

    dro Guest

    Well I finally got my A8n-sli premium MB to boot from the SATA II WD
    250 GB hard drive!!! Thanks to all who helped me. It took about three
    weeks of wrestling with it to finally solve my problem. I did NOT need
    to update my Bios after all. I have revision 1006 and it works fine.
    The problem was that when I was using AUTO in the Bios, it did not
    properly recognize the new hard drive geometry. I needed to go into
    Bios and manually select LARGE. This forced the motherboard to
    correctly identify the hard drive. Then I needed to reload XP. In the
    meantime, thanks to suggestions from forums, I made a slipstream CD
    which included the SP2 with my copy of Windows XP. I still pressed F6
    and loaded the NVidia RAID drivers as before, but it all went very
    slick, and booted up no problem!!!

    I now have a new problem, however. My Drive Image 2002 is not able to
    recognize the new geometry on the hard drive so I can't make a backup
    image of the OS anymore. Does anyone have a suggestion on some newer
    imaging software that might work with this new geometry. Thanks for any
    suggestions you might have. And again thanks so much for all who are
    available to help in the many battles necessary to get computers to
    function properly. Still, it is amazing, as complicated as it all is,
    that it works at all!!!

    Harry (dro)
    dro, Apr 25, 2006
  10. dro

    Natéag Guest

    I use Ghost (10 or 9).
    Rather 9 than 10. I could not restore the system drive (SATA)
    with 10. I would not fully boot. Symantec support
    told me it was NOT compatible with AMD X2 processors.

    I now backup with 10 and restore with 9.
    Natéag, Apr 25, 2006
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