Can't copy files with "foreign" characters in filename from NFS share

Discussion in 'Apple' started by sn00ge, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. sn00ge

    sn00ge Guest


    Here's an odd problem I have when Finder-copying files over the
    LAN from an NFS mount on a linux (Fedora Core 4) machine to my
    Mac (G5, OS X 10.4.7).

    Say there's a folder on the linux box that contains files that
    have "foreign" (I'm in the US) characters, like, say, accented
    characters and so forth, in their filenames. Then when I
    Finder-copy that folder to the G5, the files with the "foreign"
    characters in their names won't copy. Attempting to individually
    copy such a file to the G5 results in the cursor turning into the
    universal "denied" symbol, (circle with slash), and the copy
    fails. It's not a permissions issue, because I have read
    permissions on the files.

    I can usually get around this problem by doing

    $ cp -R folder-on-linux-box destination-folder-on-Mac

    in Terminal, but sometimes this won't even work. In that case, I
    have to (on the linux box) copy the problem files to another
    directory, rename the files using only 7-bit ASCII characters,
    and then copy those files over the network to the Mac.

    Does anyone know a better way to get around this weird issue,
    which I assume is a bug? Like making it to where a Finder copy
    will work regardless of non-7-bit ASCII characters in filenames?
    sn00ge, Nov 20, 2006
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