Can't Drag Song Clips From The ITMS Search Results List To My List

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Kurt R. Todoroff, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. I have an iTunes playlist called "Music To Purchase". I search the
    iTunes Music Store for a specific song, then drag that song from the
    search results list to my "Music To Purchase" playlist.

    I have tried to drag several songs from the search results list in
    iTunes 9, but it doesn't work like it did in previous versions. Does
    iTunes 9 no longer support this, or am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you.


    Kurt Todoroff

    Markets, not mandates and mob rule.
    Consent, not coercion.
    Kurt R. Todoroff, Sep 16, 2009
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  2. Kurt R. Todoroff

    David Empson Guest

    I never tried doing that, but at a guess I'd say iTunes doesn't support
    it any more.

    There is another method. In the iTunes Store you can add items to a wish

    Go to the detail page for an album or song. Click on the downward
    pointing arrow next to the "Buy Album" button to get a pop-up menu, and
    choose "Add to Wish List".

    You can see the items currently on the wish list via "My Wish List"
    under the "Manage" heading at the bottom of any iTunes store page.

    Not quite as convenient as a playlist, since you have to be online to
    access it (and you can't set up multiple lists, and it is a little more
    fiddly), but better than nothing.
    David Empson, Sep 16, 2009
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