Can't enable second monitor on st20g5 (ATI Xpress 200)

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by Taylor Brown, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Taylor  Brown

    Taylor Brown Guest

    I just got an st20g5, and I am using the built in video until I get a
    PCI-E video card. (This is an ATI Xpress 200 motherboard with
    integrated graphics.) I've installed the latest catalyst drivers from
    ATI's website, but when I go into the Catalyst Control Center or
    windows display properties and attempt to enable my second screen
    ("Extend my windows desktop onto this monitor"), the primary screen
    just flashes, and then the second monitor remains grayed out. I'm no
    stranger to Multi-monitor setups, so I know that the second monitor
    works and am sure I'm doing it right. I am wondering if it has to do
    with the fact that I'm running it through a DVI dongle to a CRT screen?
    I've been running that way on my old computer for some time, but it's
    about the only thing I can think of. Then again, I should be able to
    enable it all day long, whether I have a monitor plugged in or not, and
    I get the same results with the second monitor unplugged.

    Has anyone ever seen this before? I am a bit concerned that the
    onboard video is faulty in some way. Any help or advice would be
    greatly appreciated!

    - Taylor
    Taylor Brown, Apr 26, 2006
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  2. Taylor  Brown

    Eric Parker Guest

    As an experiment - try reducing the resolution of the working screen ?
    There may not be enough shared memory or you may be trying to drive
    too many pixels.

    Eric Parker, Apr 26, 2006
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  3. Taylor  Brown

    Taylor Brown Guest

    Thanks for the advice Eric. I had a similar thought and tried that to
    no avail. I've tried all resolutions and color depths...I've never
    seen anything like it. The main screen just flashes and then I'm back
    where I started.
    Taylor Brown, Apr 26, 2006
  4. Taylor  Brown

    sascha.n Guest

    hi taylor,

    did you try a bios upgrade? at least in version FT20S015 shuttle
    mentions: "Updated VGA BIOS to VER008.035I.000". but that could be
    related to anything.

    sascha.n, Apr 27, 2006
  5. Taylor  Brown

    Taylor Brown Guest

    Hi Sashcha - thanks for the reply! I did indeed upgrade the BIOS to no

    Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I just
    heard from ATI's tech support, and they tell me that usually onboard
    video cards don't usually allow you to enable both connectors at once.
    Not ever having tried to use onboard video much before, I didn't know
    that, but it does make some sense. One of the main features of this
    board is the fact that it allows you to do "SurroundView" which is the
    ability of the onboard video to keep going along with your additional
    PCI-E ATI card. They go on to say this allows you to have 3 displays.
    I remember thinking, "Why not 4?" 2 on the card + 2 on the motherboard
    = 4. But if the onboard never allows you to drive two monitors at
    once, this makes some sense. So now I think that second port is there
    as an either/or option. The good news is, assuming this is true, that
    this means my onboard video isn't broken. :)

    If anyone has evidence of an onboard ATI Xpress 200 being used to drive
    two monitors simultaneously though, I'd love to hear it!


    Taylor Brown, Apr 27, 2006
  6. Taylor  Brown

    Eric Parker Guest

    From the Shuttle web site :

    "Integrated graphics
    ATi RADEON XPRESS 200 3D graphics engine
    333MHz core clock, supports DirectX 9 and OpenGL
    Surroundview Quad Display Support with
    additional PCI-E x16 graphics card
    shared Memory max. 128MB
    supports analog Sub-D and digital DVI output"

    Somebody is telling porkies or am I misunderstanding this ?

    Eric Parker, Apr 30, 2006
  7. Taylor  Brown

    Eric Parker Guest


    I still believe you can drive 2 displays.
    The reason why I'm interested is that I've been suggesting these XPCs
    someone who wants dual displays.
    If you can't get the help you need here, have you tried ?
    contains this text
    "The built-in video is what separates the ST20G5 from much of its
    brethren. What this means in practice is that you can plug in that
    flat-panel monitor (you know, the one that gives a terrible analog
    and start doing real work with the system without having to buy a
    video card. The built-in DVI port produces a lovely, clear, crisp
    image. An analog VGA interface is also provided; dual-monitor support
    (one DVI, one analog) works fine."

    If you get this going please let us know how you did it.

    Eric Parker, Apr 30, 2006
  8. Taylor  Brown

    |_ | Guest

    Taylor Brown schreef:
    maybe the DVI output is digital only and doesn't support the analog
    signals needed for your CRT.
    if you can try this setting using a screen with digital in.

    |_ |, Apr 30, 2006
  9. Taylor  Brown

    sascha.n Guest

    Hi Taylor,

    I just successfully tested the dual monitor functionality of my ST20G5
    with two Samsung 910T. Worked like a charm.

    JFTR, that's how I did it:
    1. Connected the second monitor with an analog cable
    2. Opened the Catalyst Control Center
    3. Went to the display manager
    4. Detected displays: the second monitor popped up in the disabled
    devices field
    5. Dragged the second monitor into the secondary display field
    6. Chose extend desktop
    7. Corrected the device settings (resolution & refresh rate)
    8. Applied changes

    The second monitor was up-and-running. FYI: I'm using WinXP SP2, the
    latest catalyst drivers and CCC.

    I agree, you either have a defective onboard video or the DVI dongle
    messes everything up. So if there's a TFT screen with digital-in in
    your vicinity, go and grab it and try again. If it doesn't work: Blame
    Canada! :)

    sascha.n, May 2, 2006
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