Cant get AGP to work on P4P800E Del

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Lazarus, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. Lazarus

    Lazarus Guest

    Tried an ATI RADEON 32mb DDR
    Then a TI4200
    Now a RADEON 9200SE

    all I get is 1 long 2 short beeps and no picture.

    All thats in it is P4 2ghz and 256mb pc2100 ram....havent attatched
    floppy,kb,hd,cd yet

    Any ideas anyone? Is it my 300w PSU thats too weak to power the agp?
    Lazarus, Jul 8, 2004
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  2. Lazarus,

    I am using a Diamond Stealth S60 ATI Radeon 7000 card with a P4P400-E Deluxe
    board and it works just fine. P4, 3.0Ghz, 2GB RAM, Windows XP Home. I did
    not turn on the system until I had the floppy, HD, keyboard and mouse
    attached, but I don't know if that's your problem. Sorry, but I can't offer
    any more help -- I'm new to all this stuff myself.

    John Blaustein, Jul 8, 2004
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  3. Lazarus

    Paul Guest

    Your board has the Voice POST chip, in the lower right hand corner
    of the motherboard. Why not connect an amplified speaker to the
    lime colored, Lineout jack, and listen to any messages it is
    speaking ? Even if you install a sound card, error messages continue
    to come out on that jack. (Make sure the two jumpers are on the
    FP_AUDIO header, for audio signal continuity. Item #12 in connector
    list in the manual, pg.2-34 or so.)

    Beep codes are last page, last table of this doc. Beep codes
    don't really help too much, in diagnosis, due to the AMI BIOS
    beeping for every installed USB device as well:

    It could be a memory problem. Hope the memory is unbuffered and
    not registered memory.

    Paul, Jul 8, 2004
  4. Lazarus

    Lazarus Guest

    It was the ram!!!!

    So despite the fact that almost every other bios uses a beep code of 1 long
    2 short for a vga failure this board does that for a ram failure.

    I found out by plugging a speaker into the board and a voice tells you
    "memory check fail"
    Lazarus, Jul 8, 2004
  5. Lazarus

    Monty Guest

    I'm also using a ATI 9200SE 128MB with 3.2ghz cpu and it seems to be
    working fine.
    Monty, Jul 8, 2004
  6. Lazarus

    Egil Solberg Guest

    1long 2 short is Award BIOS error code. Your BIOS is AMIBIOS.

    Smart move
    Egil Solberg, Jul 8, 2004
  7. Lazarus

    Lazarus Guest

    It was a memory problem and the memory I was trying to use was indeed
    registered but the asus site says it will run registered memory but as non

    Thanks for the replies people!
    Lazarus, Jul 8, 2004
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