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Cant get eeprom emulation to work on mc9s12C32

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by seegoon, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. seegoon

    seegoon Guest

    Hi to all.
    I can't seem to get the eeprom emulation on a mc9s12C32 to work. I
    have the App note AN2303/D
    and associated files from Freescale website , but I am still
    struggling. I am new to this processor
    and have never done anything like this before , so excuse me if I am
    being a bit of a "dumbo" :0(

    I have created a basic project using the "Processor Expert" function.
    Xtal freq is 10Mhz , internal freq is 25Mhz , with the pll enabled. I
    have created a 1ms timer with a "bean" and it is spot on , so I assume
    the internal frequency is correct. I have disabled the timer while I'm
    trying to get the eeprom stuff working.

    I have included the files that come with the app note in my project.
    The project compiles without errors , but I can't seem to read or
    write anything to "eeprom".
    I have a feeling "my" memory mapping is not correct.
    The processor expert has created the following memory map:
    0000 - 03FF ----I/O
    03FF-3800 ----unused
    3800-3FFF -----RAM

    How should I set up the parameters in the EE_emulation.h file. At the
    moment I am not worried
    about using interrupts during programming. I would just like to get
    the simplest method working.
    Any help would be appreciated. Remember I'm new to this , so go easy :
    seegoon, Jan 31, 2007
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