Can't get iDVD to burn disk

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Jeanne, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Jeanne

    Jeanne Guest

    I've searched the web with no success, so I'm hoping someone here can
    help me. I'm on a 2-year-old MacBook Pro, running OS 10.5.7. I have
    a fairly long (2hrs, 21 min) video that I made with iMovie HD and then
    exported to iDVD 7.0.4, and I'm trying to burn it to a double-layer
    DVD-R. (I selected High Quality encoding so that it would fit.) When
    I run the burn process, it gets to the "Multiplexing and Burning"
    stage and runs for awhile. Then it says, "writing lead-in," spins for
    a few seconds, ejects the disk, and simultaneously says "done" and
    "Time remaining: 47 minutes." Nothing has been written to the DVD,
    and nothing else seems to happen even if I pop the DVD back in right

    The only suggestion I could find was to delete iDVD's preferences,
    restart the computer, and start over with a different project, but
    none of that made any difference. One other source suggested making a
    disk image and burning from that, but said it wasn't recommended for
    dual-layer DVDs, so I haven't tried that yet. (Although I can't think
    of anything else to try, so maybe that's next...)

    Any ideas???

    Jeanne, Aug 17, 2009
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  2. Jeanne

    Király Guest

    Go with that. When it's done, mount the .img file, and open DVD Player.
    If it works to your satisfaction, you're in business. Just burn the
    ..img file with Disk Utility.
    Király, Aug 18, 2009
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  3. Jeanne

    Jeanne Guest

    Unfortunately, that didn't work either. The disk image was fine, but
    it still wouldn't burn; I got a "cannot calibrate the laser for this
    media" error.

    I sort-of solved the problem by copying the disk image to my old
    Powerbook G4 and burning it from there, which worked fine. It seems
    that the DVD drive in my MacBook Pro is hosed somehow, although that
    seems bizarre since I hardly ever use it. -sigh-

    Jeanne, Aug 24, 2009
  4. Was the incorrect "it's" an intentional irony?

    And what's incorrect about what Jeanne has in quotes? Yes, it lacks a
    subject, but that's often the case in error messages.
    John McWilliams, Aug 24, 2009
  5. Jeanne

    Warren Oates Guest

    Not used in that context. No one calls a blank DVD the "medium." And
    anyway, what should the message have said, "cannot calibrate for these
    media"? Like that's korrect?

    These news are horrible!
    Warren Oates, Aug 25, 2009
  6. Jeanne

    Warren Oates Guest

    So is the singular of multi-media uni-medium? That Arquette woman is
    going to get inolved soon.
    Warren Oates, Aug 25, 2009
  7. Patricia Arquette stars in the TV series "Medium".
    Michelle Steiner, Aug 25, 2009
  8. Jeanne

    Jeanne Guest

    I must admit, it's more fun than silence if no one actually knows how
    to fix the problem. :)

    Jeanne, Aug 27, 2009
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