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cant get quite stable yet, venice 3200, dfi crossfire

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by spr, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. spr

    spr Guest

    Hi all,
    I need some help/ideas where to go next, here's my system specs first:

    DFI crossfire mobo
    A64 3200 venice retail with box fan and Artic Silver 5
    2x512mb corsair xms 4400 running at stock 4-4-8 1t and 2.67v
    connect3d x800 gto with Artic Cooling cooler
    antec true power 550
    2 samsung SATA 200gb raid 0
    SB audigy(1) (same result in or out)
    new install of xp SP2, latest MS updates
    Avast! antivirus
    Sygate Pro firewall

    First I tried to use my GEIL PC3500 from my last system. I couldn't even get
    windows to install. I ran the microsoft memtest from a floppy and memory was
    bad with this mobo, I replaced with frikken expensive Corsair and then
    memory tested fine and xp installed fine. I then started bench testing with
    prime95. it would crap out after a few minutes. I increased cpu v from 1.37
    to 1.6 and then I could run prime95 for hours( i did about 3 hours fine). I
    then moved on to OCCT, it fails after just a few minutes; 3-10. not locking
    up but quitting on it's own and saying it's unstable. I can leave the system
    just turned on and it runs fine and never crashes. But, I have installed
    Battlefield 2 and it wont play longer than 10-30 min without crashing hard
    or at least to the desktop.

    things I've tried:
    raising v core up to 1.72 (currently) still wont pass OCCT and dont want to
    go any higher???
    flashed to latest beta bios from DFI/ same results
    current voltages:
    v core 1.72
    LDT 1.19
    +5 5.05
    DRAM 2.67
    +12 12.03
    north bridge 1.79
    +3 3.29 and 3.26

    cpu temps (cool & quiet disabled)
    26c-28c idle
    40c-42c full load



    I can also run 3dmark 2005 complete with no problems, 2003 the same, but
    2001 fails and crashes.

    not sure where to go next short of trying another motherboard. I don't want
    to do that becuase I want to get a crossfire x850 in a couple weeks.
    any ideas? I want to OC this chip but not till I'm 100 percent stable at
    stock speeds.
    spr, Nov 14, 2005
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  2. spr

    dino Guest

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  3. spr

    Wes Newell Guest

    More likely the SPD data isn't read correctly by the bios and it's setting
    the timings wrong for the ram. Setting the timings manually will probably
    allow you to use any ram you want.
    I don't think vcore is your problem and I think you have it too high now.
    Lower it to 1.5v. you shouldn't need more than that for a considerable
    overclock. I'd think 1.6v max.
    LDT hasn't been used in years. Where do people come up with this? LDT
    (Lightning Data Transport) *was* the working name for HT. Any use of it in
    todays systems is just wrong. Assuming you are refering to the Ht link
    running at 1.19GHz, that's almost 20% over spec. Set the HT multiplier
    lower. Assuming it's still at the default of 5, go to 4 for up to 250MHz
    system clock, and 3 for anything over 250MHz. You don't say, but I'm
    guessing you have the system clock set to around 233Mhz.
    And what is the base speed of the ram set to? When you raise the system
    clock, it also raises the ram bus speed possibly, raising it past the
    point it will function. Set the base speed to 166Mhz for up to about
    250Mhz system clock. 133mHz for anything higher.
    Wes Newell, Nov 15, 2005
  4. spr

    spr Guest

    Thanks to both of you guys, I'm sorry I wasn't clear, I had dram set to 200
    4-4-8(auto) , I wasn't overclocking at all yet, just stock 2ghz. That 'ldt'
    reading was a voltage for something from the motherboards monitoring tool.

    I gave up, I went to the local store to see what they had, I picked up an
    MSI K8N Neo4 and installed it. After rebuilding my Raid 0 and reinstalling
    xp (I love hardware raid?!?) I patched, installed AV & firewall and started
    testing. Of course, all is fine now, OCCT passed just fine. I'll do a little
    more benching with prime95 but mainly I want to get back to Battlefield 2
    and see that all is well again.
    After I'm stable for a week or so I'll start to play around with
    overclocking and see how it goes, DDR 550 should be good for 1:1 ratio as
    far as my cpu can go. I just gotta remember that HT thing, I haven't OC'd an
    AMD since my K6-2 330 up to 350.

    lessons learned:
    don't let the tech bug bite, wait for a stable product
    some review sites should be shot
    arctic silver makes removing a fan a pain in the ass even after just a
    couple days
    fast ram is expensive
    don't activate xp right away; thanks to different raid 0 hardware I get to
    explain to MS why I'm reactivating the same license 3 days apart.
    OCCT seams to stress a CPU better than Prime95
    spr, Nov 15, 2005
  5. spr

    dino Guest

    so I take it the board is somewhat no good...have never had much luck with
    DFI myself...and have read of lot's of issues with all of their NF4 boards
    as well.
    dino, Nov 15, 2005
  6. spr

    spr Guest

    yeah, i'll wait for a crossfire/ ati certified board to come out. I like how
    the crossfire supports all software not just driver per specific game.
    spr, Nov 15, 2005
  7. spr

    dino Guest

    as a builder most of my current builds are based on the MSI K8N...my own is
    a K8N Neo2-F with a SanDiego 3700..just due to the fact of my X800XL...have
    built 3 on the Neo4-F and they seem real reasonably in stability and
    dino, Nov 15, 2005
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